Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cameroon Must Cooperate With Nigeria

Since Re-unification in 1961, Cameroon has done everything possible to demonize Nigeria. Anglophones were called in the French-speaking parts of the country “Biafrans”. In 1979 when PWD Bamenda was to play Dynamo, a Francophone journalist approached me to find out whether Franklin Ngoh was a Nigerian or a Cameroonian. So much noise was made about him in the French papers. Nigeria was juju to Cameroon. In short everything Nigerian was bad.

During the disturbances in the University of Yaounde in 1990 Anglophone students were accused to have sung the Nigerian National Anthem. Nigerians were even accused to have come over to Bamenda to swell the crowds that marched during the launching of the SDF in 1990. Ni John Fru Ndi was reported in Cameroon Tribune to have escaped to Nigeria. The Nigerian phobia ran in the blood of all Francophone decision makers particularly a certain Mungosoo.

Even though Cameroon up to now cannot manufacture a common spoon, everything from Nigeria is called "Le faux" or fake. Nigerian fabricated goods were destroyed under false pretences in Cameroon markets. Nigerians were molested on the roads, in the market places and even in their private homes. Anglophone Cameroonians were not spared this humiliation particularly during their so called calé-calé (raids). After all, Andre Mbida, the first Prime Minister of French Cameroon did not want re-unification which is why Betis hate Anglophones terribly.

As at now Trade has not been officially legalized between Nigeria and Cameroon. This is to the disadvantage of Cameroon because Nigerian goods still enter Cameroon through bush roads on which custom duty is not charged. If Trade had been legalized between these two countries, Cameroon would be collecting customs duties four times in a day more than it collects from Chad, Central African Republic, Congo, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea in a month.

At last, circumstances beyond the control of Cameroon, have compelled, obliged, and forced Cameroon to work with Nigeria.

Cameroon must cooperate and endure Nigeria to make sure that the Green Tree Accord becomes a reality. One of the conditionalities of this accord and other treaties that brought about peace between the two countries was to construct a road from Abakaliki to Mutengene and from Bamenda to Enugu. These conditionalities must be respected otherwise Nigeria will march into Cameroon again and this time they may reach Kumba and Limbe. Who knows?

Cameroon has to unwillingly do it and probably the fear of Anglophones interacting with Nigerians would have been conquered. Anglophone Cameroonians will benefit much from this arrangement. For one thing, Nigeria, which has the largest market South of the Sahara will buy bananas, Coffee, Beans, Cocoa, Tea, Kola-nuts, Irish Potatoes, and name the rest from Cameroon.

There is no doubt that if Cameroon had cooperated with Nigeria since 1961, Nigeria would not have been far more developed than Cameroon. Today Nigeria is 100 years ahead of Cameroon in development. For example, Cameroon is consuming Nigerian made goods. Francophone Cameroonians are more in Nigerian Universities than Anglophones. Nay, the Nigerian private sector is very vibrant while Cameroon has nothing to show. In short, Cameroon is consuming Nigerian and Chinese made goods. Where is the private sector in Cameroon?

The fear of Nigeria has caused Cameroon to limp for 50 years. It is now that scales have fallen from their eyes.
The shortsightedness of Francophones has limited their knowledge of Nigeria. It is a great country that could help Cameroon out of its very many developmental problems. It is the giant of black Africa.

If I were in a position to advise the Cameroon government, I would tell them to construct a Highway from Nkambe to Takum and one from Bamenda to Bawaru. The fear of Nigeria was unfounded. Cameroon has to speed up work on the construction of these roads instead of relying on Central African countries that suffer the same common problems with Cameroon and have nothing to offer.

We are obliged to work with Nigeria. We must cooperate with Nigeria and the greatest beneficiaries will be Anglophones who share a common boundary with Nigeria. Instead of buying goods from Douala and far flung areas like Yaounde, Bertoua and Douala, they will have to buy goods from Bamenda, Kumba and Limbe. Thanks to the Bakassi crisis that Anglophones can now smile.

By Gwellem Slyvester

Southern Cameroons to Dialogue with La République Soon

-Liberation Groups Close Ranks
-SCAPO Transforms into political party
-Launch Book and Publish Plan of Action

Liberation Movements of the Southern Cameroons have resolved to dialogue with La Republique du Cameroun. The revelation is contained in a Public notice issued to this effect and signed by Mr A.F. Ndangam on behalf of the complainants,

Following the recommendations of the African Commission on Human and People's Rights, SCAPO and SCNC have issued a public notice for consultations towards the Constitutional talks. The ACHPR in Article 215 (2) (ii) under recommendations states:

“2. To the Complainants, and SCNC and SCAPO in particular, to abandon secessionism and engage in constructive dialogue with the Respondent State on the Constitutional issues and grievances.”

It is in the light of this recommendation that the SCNC and SCAPO have established points where people could deposit their constitutional proposals. To this effect the following offices will always be open for such inputs from 8 - 10 a.m. and 10 am to 12 noon from the 9th to 14th November 2009:

In the Southwest Region:
Ajong Stanislaus Anu, Security Law Firm, P.O. Box 227 - Tiko, Wireles - Keomba - Tiko, Tel: (00237 99 95 52 41, Office: (00237) 33 02 72 57, Email: secufirm2000@yahoo.co.uk; Blaise Sevidzem Berinyuy Esq. (Advocate and Notary), P.O. Box 144 Buea, Fako Division, Tel: (00237) 77 68 07 43, Office (00237) 33 10 40 92, Email: blaisberi@yahoo.com and in the

Northwest region:
Harmony Bobga-Mbuton, Human Rights Clinic and Education (HURCLED) centre, Che Street Ntarinkon, P.O. Box 148 Bamenda Mezam Division, Tel: (00237) 77 77 01 56; Email: Bobgambuton@yahoo.com.

According to the notice “Groups and individuals at home and abroad can hand in their views and proposals on the future constitution in Cameroon as well as other grievances of the people of the Southern Cameroons at any of these places.

Meantime the Southern Cameroons liberation Groups last Saturday October 31, 2009 resolved to join ranks and work together towards the implementation of the now famous Banjul Ruling. At a meeting convened by the Human Rights Clinic and Education (HURCLED) Centre in the St Joseph's Youth Formation Hall in Big Mankon the Southern Cameroons People's Organisation (SCAPO), the Southern Cameroons National Council SCNC of Chief Ayamba, represented by Mr Mbinglo Hitler and the SG, Mr Chinkwo Fidelis; and SCNC-Ebong represented by Mr Nwachan Thomas.

In a keynote address Barrister Bobga Mbuton Harmony said among other things that he had convened the meeting in order to enable all the factions of the Southern Cameroons Liberation movements to come together and reconcile their differences. Barrister Bobga, Counsel for the complainants in the Communication 266 Kevin Ngwang Gumne et al, vs La République du Cameroun, castigated division in the ranks of the groups.

He then explained the importance of the ruling and the gains for Southern Cameroonians. He said among other things that the Banjul Ruling coming from the African Union is higher than the Cameroon Constitution. Cameroon is a signatory to the AU Charter and so is bound by all her laws. The AU in turn is an organ of the UN which is above the AU. Therefore the Banjul Ruling was a clear victory for Southern Cameroonians especially as it had confirmed that the Southern Cameroonians are a "people" by all international definitions and conventions.

After his keynote address Barrister Bobga Harmony invited the leaders of the groups present to sit on the table. Each of them was given time to express the opinions of his own group.

Mr Ndangam for SCAPO took the rostrum. He read a written declaration to the effect that SCAPO had been transformed into a political party. “The Southern Cameroons People's Organisation - SCAPO - is therefore taking the floor at this public meeting to declare SCAPO transformed into a political party pursuant to the recommendations found at paragraph 217(2) of the Ruling of the African Commission for Human and People's Rights Communication 266/2003 Kevin Ngwang Gumne et Al Vs The Republic of Cameroon adopted by the AU Heads of States Summit of 2nd July 2009 at Sirte, Libya,” said Mr Ndangam.

“The objectives of the party,” the SCAPO Chairman continued, “are to work to end the unconstitutional annexation of the Southern Cameroons into two provinces of the Republic of Cameroon, a partner in the defunct Cameroon Federal Union of two states and to work for the right to self-determination in keeping with relevant AU and UN texts.”

Explaining one of the vexatious words used by the Republic of Cameroon and the ACHPR to describe the restoration of the statehood of Southern Cameroons, Mr Ndangam maintained that Southern Cameroons was not “seceding”. He buttressed his point with examples of Biafra and Katanga which were integral parts of Nigeria and Congo Kinshasa, later Zaire and today the Democratic republic of Congo respectively at independence. He explained that Southern Cameroons was a country of its own with international boundaries demarcated by treaties. It was not part of La République du Cameroun when she had her independence on January 1, 1960. This again was buttressed by the fact that there is NO UNION NOR AN ACT OF UNION between Southern Cameroons and La République du Cameroun. Thus, he said, “The Southern Cameroons case is not secession but a distress call for the affirmation and implementation of Colonial Frontier Treaties by the AU or the UN (preferably by both) and in particular the following:
Franco/British Agreement Milner / Simon Declaration of 10th July 1919, and (b) Accord Thomson/Marchand Declaration of 9th January, 1931.”

Concluding Mr Ndangam pointed out that by organising a Plebiscite in the Southern Cameroons in 1961 the UN had recognised that Southern Cameroons was neither part of the Republic of Cameroon nor part of Nigeria. Consequently no UN member state can claim that the Southern Cameroons is an integral part of it until and unless a treaty is signed to that effect and registered at the UN secretariat according to article 102 of the UN Charter.

Prince Mbinglo Hitler, Northern Zone Chairperson of the SCNC, talking on behalf of SCNC - Chief Ayamba, called on all and sundry to close ranks so that Southern Cameroons should achieve their much needed independence. On behalf of the SCNC he pledged cooperation with any group that is working towards the achievement of this goal.

Mr Nwachan Thomas of SCNC Ebong spoke on a similar note like Prince Mbinglo. He emphasised that the call for dialogue by the ACHPR was a most welcome idea and the greatest opportunity. He said the population will stone the leaders if they failed to engage in this dialogue.

As concerns the call to transform into a political party the two SCNCs were yet to make a declaration like SCAPO. However SCNC of Chief Ayamba was categorical they would not transform into any political party, maintaining it was a trap.

The day continued with a press conference where some sensitive questions were answered and finally an outdoor meeting where further explanations on the ruling were made. The general consensus on the poor attendance was that people were still afraid to be arrested. "When you tether a goat on one spot for too long, even when untied it will keep hovering around the same place," said one of the speakers. They called on the population to eschew fear as the Banjul Ruling has given us the powers to dialogue rather than fight.

By Nke Valentine

Boyo MINPLADAT Delegate Loses Position At last

Boyo MINPLADAT Divisional will go back to classroom. This decision contradicts a Ministerial decision ordering Northwest Governor to undo the sealed Boyo MINPLADAT office and reinstate him to his position.

The Vanguard gathered that after the NW Governor in collaboration with the Fundong SDO sealed the doors of the MINPLADAT office in Fundong, Mr Ngi reported to his minister who immediately filed an order for the door to be unsealed. Feeling victorious Mr Ngi leaked a copied of these orders to a local tabloid. This is suspected to be the final blow that that caused Mr Ngi's removal from office.

Mr Ngi had got into problems with the Boyo Senior Divisional Officer over the award of a CFA fifty million contract for the construction of the MINPLADAT office in Boyo Division. The then Divisional Delegate had maintained that the ward of the contract was irregular. It is even alleged he sued the SDO to court. All pleas for him to withdraw the case fell on deaf ears.

The publication carrying a confidential letter from his ministry has reportedly reversed the ministerial decision. Although it was clearly stated in the tabloid that the source was the governor's office other security sources have argued that it was just a twist owing that the governor's reception sign is not in the copy published.

If the delegate Ngie has not been copied, it means he might have procured a copy from an intimate source of his at the ministry. In this regard, more heads will roll our source hinted. The decision to write requesting the governor to re-instate him was already an indication that the ministry was in his favour, but the publication has reportedly twisted the whole decision as the minister delegate is now perplexed. He can not can not minimize or humiliate both the governor and SDO his collaborators. It is however not clear if the source of the confidential request is Ngie himself as the source insinuated. A special team from the Ministry is reported to have been sent to Boyo for a fact-finding mission The Vanguard further gathered.

By our news desk

Ngoketungia Elite Regret Electoral Choices

The population of Ngoketunjia North is regretting the errors they made during the 2007 Municipal and Legislative elections. These regrets arise from the abandonment of some major development projects which the population enjoyed before the political twist that catapulted CPDM both to Parliament and the Council.

The Vanguard overheard some elite lamenting the mistake made by the population during an Executive meeting of Ngoketunjia Development and Cultural Association that held in Baba Village on Saturday October 24, 2009. Some of them complained that both the Member of Parliament Hon Njingum Musa and the Mayor Ntoh Daniel have not failed to meet up with their campaign promises. They have failed to develop the municipality.

To buttress their accusations they said to the Baba I palace was graded every year during the reign of Hon Yoyo Emmanuel. Also the stretch of road from Ndop town via GS Kwebissi to Baba was constantly rehabilitated by Hon Yoyo. Unfortunately since the overlordship of the CPDM both in council and in parliament, all these roads amongst other projects have been abandoned.

The Vanguard gathered that the CPDM politicians had deceived the population that Hon Yoyo was receiving CFA 20 millions from the state for the rehabilitation of the roads. Those who made such declarations are now expected to also use the 20 millions to rehabilitate the roads. If not it means they have embezzled 60 millions for the past three years. And if the money is not there for them to execute the projects, it means they (CPDM) militants are political liars. Some argued. The Ndop - Babessi road currently under construction was earmarked far back in 2005. Unfortunately the CPDM barons are making political gains.

In a similar development in Bali sub Division, CPDM aspirants condemned use of local labour to rehabilitate inter-quarter and municipal roads, lambasting the SDF mayor Nyamsikwen Christopher for enslaving the population. The population was told that government was going to provide the population with road construction machines to grade the roads.

The CPDM won the council. Road maintenance committee amongst other committees were formed. Interestingly, when they (CPDM) took over management of the council, they discovered that the budgetary heads for road construction was too small for them to hire heavy equipment for rehabilitation of roads. The state could not provide them with the equipment for rehabilitation of the some municipal roads as they promised the population. The road committee became hopeless. The situation might have changed.

From our news desk

Nkambe Deputy Mayor Backpedals

Says Errors were committed and boycotts have retarded Development The First Deputy Mayor of Nkambe Municipal Council Fon Benchep of Binka Village abandoned his seat for close to two years. He has returned to his position. The Fon said he boycotted the council because the incumbent, Mayor Mangoh Jones Tanko, was not the SDF Investiture Committee's choice. He recently returned explaining that fundamental errors were made from the genesis of the row. He spoke to The Vanguard Thursday October 15 in Bamenda in an exclusive interview.

The first error, the Fon said, was that they all accepted to stand elections with the incumbent Mayor Mangoh. He had been rejected by the Investiture Committee. Mbeh Wilfred was the choice of this Committee. “I strongly defended the list sent in by the Investiture Committee. But I soon realised it was erroneous for Mbeh Wilfred to stand election with Mangoh.” Mangoh bashed him by an overwhelming victory. Following the confusion that set in because of the list filed in by the Investiture Committee of the SDF party, the then SDO for Donga Mantung Mboke Godlive Ntua reportedly ordered them to go by elections. It was then that Mbeh overestimated his political might and stood elections with Mangoh. He was crushed and had to accept the verdict of the ballot box. Fon Benchep contested with one Madam Bari and won to become the First Deputy.

“Shortly after the election, were told not to take up our seats in the council”, he lamented. “The flaw here”, he said, “was the fact that no official note from the party's Chairman or the hierarchy of the party ordering them to boycott the council was issued.” This he said was another error. “We were perplexed, groping in the dark. I stayed in darkness for two long years. When I realized that nothing good was coming from the Investiture Committee, the party's hierarchy or the Ministry of Territorial administration and Decentralization I decided to go back to the council with hopes of revamping the party whose integrity has bee soiled in the municipality by the political mayhem amongst militants”. Besides that the disarray has retarded the development of the area.

Asked whether he had now joined the Mangoh's camp, the deputy refuted. “We were elected as SDF deputies and nobody officially ordered us to boycott the council. Apart from that, it is Mangoh who is not recognized as Mayor by the party. I was voted as SDF 1St Deputy . There is no reason why I should stay aloof. I should be there (in the council) seeing and mastering the intrigues of the house so if it happens that the Ministry decides to remove Mangoh I should be able replace him”. He urged other runaway councilors to return to their places in the council. He advised them not to heed baseless advice. And not to adhere to basely instructions as: “We all came into party and was elected individually not collectively”. He argued that they have not carried out any meaningful development.

The deputy mayor argued that as a politician the party needs but quantity not quality owing to the fact that politics is a game of numbers. In conclusion, he exhorted the social actors of the municipality to correct themselves to pave the way for Development of the area.

From our news desk

Saturday, December 26, 2009

GTHS Bamenda students boo at indecently dressed teacher

Lower sixth form students of government Technical High School Bamenda, popularly known as CANADA, booed and jeered at a sexily dressed female teacher recently. The female francophone teacher whose names the Vanguard withholds is said to have been dressed in tight and funny pair of trousers and the top ending a little above her navel. Amazed by this feat of indecency which did not reflect a person of her social standing, the students reportedly started booing at her. Offended by what she considered unruliness of the students, she reportedly suspended the lesson and moved to the Discipline Master and reported the students.

The Discipline Master in reaction gave a mass punishment to the entire lower sixth students. When the school's principal, Mr Tangie Joseph learnt of it, he reportedly questioned why a teacher had to dress in such an irresponsible manner. He cancelled the punishment, a student who pleaded anonymity hinted the Vanguard. The student expressed frustration over the way some female teachers of their school dress. The source averred that sexy dressing of some of the female teachers does not only make fun but attracts some of the male teachers who can not control their erotic emotions. This student wondered if that does not contradict the ethics of the profession as "I know teachers to be well-cultured class of people" .He lamented that such teachers are a disgrace to the corps.

This brings to mind the criteria inherent in the admission of teachers into ENS and the Teacher training colleges. He questioned if responsible dressing is not one of the code of ethics governing the corps. He opined that such sexy dressing by female teachers breeds sexual relationship amongst teachers another abuse of the code of ethics. Apart from unorthodox female dressing, most young and unmarried teachers dress exactly like students and rascals.

Some dress in tight fitting jeans trousers and what is popularly known in French as "Pantalon trumpet" and go to class. One begins to question the type of education they are giving the students. The moral decadence alarming in today's society is blamed on teachers, owing to the fact that they are builders of the society. Apart from poor dressing, most teachers-students relationship is questionable. Some of them go to bed with the students they teach. Some years back a school Principal impregnated more than five school girls in one of the secondary schools in Oku. He escaped overnight and the Government as if to condone his acted appointed him Vice Principal a few years.

The Vanguard gathered that the Director of ENS Bambili has started stressing on dress a code. Female students are not allowed to put on trousers, mini skirt or any for of sexy dressing in school while boys' dressing is equally strictly under control.

Our system seems to be suffering many negative effects of francophonisation. Poor dressing is one of them. Most Francophones are generally noted for casual dressing in Cameroon. Some, today, stuff their breast wears with foam to give a semblance of succulent breasts while they are already flabby, only in a bid to attract men. This is sexual harassment. It is so shameful that even house wives do that. This accounts for the alarming rate of adultery and widespread of STDS in today's society.

By our main desk, Chifu Edward

PM Yang Suspends Purchase of Administrative Vehicles

The Prime Minister Head of government Philemon Yang has suspended purchase of administrative vehicles in the 2010 budget The Vanguard has gathered. The aim of the decision is to streamline government spending and check the extravagance inherent in such projects.

The decision has irked those who have been making brisk business with stakeholders in this sphere. Patriotic citizens have hailed the idea arguing that Cameroon government wastes so much money on purchase of flashy administrative vehicles that do not benefit the economy.

The Yang decision should not be like that of Ex-transport Minister John B. Ndeh who suspended Siyam Siewe's signature when he was boss of Ports Authority but was countered by the Presidency. John B Ndeh discovered that he had embezzled state funds. Unfortunately for him the presidency ordered him to wave Ndeh's order. The big guns described J B Ndeh as a small boy who had entered the tunnel with his eyes open. Where is Siyam Siewe today? Had Biya's corrupt collaborators allowed J B Ndeh the free hand to manage the Transport Ministry, Siyam Siewe's story might have been different today.

By our news desk

Politbureau Member Challenges Biya

Reveals secret behind Achidi Achu's Rise to post of PM
Condemns Santa In house Political Tussle

Hon Tamfu Samuel Ngeh, the only CPDM Central Committee (Political Bureau) Member from the North West region has challenged President Biya to live up to his responsibilities. One of those responsibilities was the tarring of the North West Ring Road that stretches from Bamenda through Nkambe - Wum and back to Bamenda.

Tamfu was particularly offended by the fact that it took him two days to travel from Nkambe to Bamenda. The less than 300 kilometers road from Nkambe to Bamenda could be covered in less than four hours if the road was even graded. He called on the Head of State to visit the Northwest now to see the state of the road he personally promised to supervise the tarring.

"I would be a very happy man if President Biya were to visit the Northwest Region now to see the ring road… I pray God to cause the rain to fall for at least five days before Yang's trip to Kumbo".

Hon Tamfu flushed out his frustrations during a CPDM coordination meeting of Section Presidents held at the Bamenda Congress Saturday October 24, 2009. The aim of the meeting was to strategies activities ahead of the Prime Minister Yang Philemon's official visit to the region. They were also preparing for the 6th November the day Mr Biya took the command baton of Cameroon from Amadu Ahidjo.

Tamfu also prayed God to open the heavens so rain can fall even for five days ahead of the visit to cause the PM feel the pinch of what the region is going through in terms of roads. This will cause him to force Biya to fulfill his promise. Tamfu will be remembered as having warned his comrades of Santa that "Santa or Mezam" is not Northwest region. It was then that he started exposing the genesis of Santa Mafia and more especially how Simon Achidi Achu became Prime Minister.

“When fire was burning in the then Northwest province, the head of state invited me and asked where and to whom the post of the Prime Minister be given. I asked him to give it Simon Achidi Achu of Santa because that is where the fire is burning” he recounted. The aim was to frustrate the Social Democratic Front SDF and its National Chair man who hails from Santa. Unfortunately Santa till date has failed to produce the required result.

He expressed disappointment and worries why Santa should continue to champion Northwest CPDM politics. This, because since the introduction of multi-party politics in Cameroon they have not been able to seize the council from the opposition nor win the parliamentary seat. Although he blamed their political doom on in-house tussle, much of his venom was directed towards domination of Northwest Politics by Santa.

Since the introduction of the Coordination unit headed by Mezam V Section president former Transport Minister John B Ndeh, other Section presidents have most often expressed misgivings behind closed doors They have argued that the president is exploiting the position for his political glory. Others however argue that the Coordination Unit has, since creation, harmonized the activities of the party in the region. The political progress made by the CPDM in 2007 twin election in the region has been attributed to the structure. John B Ndeh’s adversaries still argue that the success was due to the individual efforts of the Section Presidents not the Coordination Unit. This apparently explain why other Section Presidents preferred their section meetings to the coordination meeting that held recently to prepare for the PM’s visit.

Tamfu blamed non completion of Ndop road construction project on the Northwest Regional Follow up Committee Chairman Hon Awudu Mbaya Cyprian said to have awarded the contract to a CPDM MP who, by him, is incompetent. But The Vanguard gathered that the FOLLOW-UP Committee does not award contracts. Their role is to gather reports on projects executed within the ambit of BIP or all government-funded projects and make recommendations to government about the quality of the projects. Sanctions on poorly executed projects are the sole responsibility of the state with recommendations from the control engineers. In this regard it would be concluded that Hon Tamfu’s indignation towards Hon Awudu Mbya was misdirected the Vanguard was told by an official of the Ministry of Public Works and MINPLADAT.

By our news desk, Nyassah Julius

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Newspaper publisher held for a week on charge of insulting president

(RSF/IFEX) - Reporters Without Borders correspondent Jules Koum Koum managed to visit newspaper publisher Jean-Bosco Talla in Yaoundé's Kondengui prison on 17 December 2009. Arrested on 10 December, Talla was brought before a court in Mfoundi on 16 December and pleaded not guilty to a charge of insulting President Paul Biya.

"I just published passages from a book," he told Reporters Without Borders. "I don't see what crime I committed and I am therefore not worried." Talla is due to appear in court again on 21 December.

"We once again remind the Cameroonian authorities that there are never grounds for arresting a journalist in a defamation case," Reporters Without Borders said, calling for Talla's immediate release.

The publisher of the privately-owned weekly "Germinal", Talla was arrested on 10 December and was taken to the State Secretariat for Defence (SED), a police unit tasked with combating organised crime. After being held there for four days, he was transferred on the evening of 14 December to Kondengui prison and was taken before the state prosecutor the next day.

Talla was arrested for publishing passages from Ebale Angounou's book "Blood for Blood" in issue No. 46 of "Germinal". Banned by the Cameroonian authorities as libellous in 2001, the book claims that, before becoming president, Biya pledged fealty to his predecessor, Ahmadou Ahidjo, in a secret pact that was sealed by "a homosexual act."

A particularly combative journalist, Talla has been targeted by the authorities in the past. In late June he reported receiving anonymous death threats a few days after the publication of a report by the Catholic Committee against Hunger and for Development (CCFD) about personal assets allegedly acquired by President Biya with public funds. Talla had helped to prepare the report.

Another journalist is currently detained in Cameroon. Lewis Medjo, the publisher of the weekly "La Détente Libre", has been imprisoned in the southwestern city of Douala since 26 September 2008 for publishing a report about an alleged ploy by President Biya to get the Supreme Court president to retire early.

A court sentenced him on 7 January to three years in prison and a fine of 2 million CFA francs (about 3,000 euros) on a charge of "disseminating false news."

The government continues to keep articles in the criminal code that punish press offences harshly. If a newspaper article is deemed to be libellous, sentences of up to several years in prison can be passed on its author or the newspaper's publisher.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

NW Follow-Up Committee Condemn Award of Contracts from Yaoundé

Northwest Follow-Up committee has condemned the award of contracts for the execution of projects in the Northwest from Yaounde. This condemnation was made Tuesday October 26, 2009 during a meeting held under the auspices of its Vice President Madam Regina Mundi to take stock of the level of execution of public Investment Projects in the region.

Stakeholders observed that projects awarded by the central administration are most often either poorly executed or not executed at all. For the poorly executed ones such contractors most often ignore the regional control engineers as they owe allegiance to those who awarded them the contracts at a higher level. Beside most of such projects do not meet up with stipulated deadlines.

Apart from that credit allocated for those not awarded some times return to the various ministries at the expense of the region. They revealed that some HIPC projects are still largely unknown to the regional Technical services, all because they are managed by the central administration.

Apart from the bottlenecks amongst other impediments, the system is causing untold havoc on the economy of the region. The stakeholders called on the members of parliament of the region to deplore the system both in parliament and also to the concerned Ministers.

In spite of the commendable efforts made by some divisional delegates to execute most of their contracts the meeting disclosed that some of the speed-brakes were orchestrated by some authorizing officers. These officers delay in the process of drawing up tender documents for the projects. Donga Mantung Division was ranked first with a fiscal realization of 95.8% and financial rate of execution of 75.7%.

Another major problem identified was late arrival of credit cards for some projects from the central administration. That notwithstanding, the prolonged heavy rains and bad roads is said to have slowed down execution of some projects especially road construction, bridges, culverts construction amongst. At press time updates of the total rate of both fiscal and financial realization was yet to be available to this media organ.

As per September 30, 2009 summary, Northwest had a Total of 736 projects for Region and divisions estimated to cost 7.442.849.928. 599 projects estimated CFA 4.362.500.898 were reportedly completed. 117 were ongoing and 20 not executed giving a total fiscal rate of execution of 83.5% and Financial Rate of Realization of 60%. As per the report, 41 contracts estimated at 3.978.403.547 were to be awarded from the central administration. From this number only 11 have been completely executed, 6 ongoing and 24 not executed giving a Physical rate of execution of 25% and Zero Financial rate.

Speaking at the beginning of the meeting the regional Vice President, Madam Mundi, reminded members of their role of that of Watch Dogs for the Financial and fiscal realization of Public investment Projects. These projects were intended to improve on the living standards of the population of the region.

She exhorted members to be forward-looking and make constructive recommendations on problems raised. She represented the National President, Hon Awudu Cyprian Mbaya, held back by other duties at the National Assembly. She also called on government officials involved in project implementation to facilitate project realization.

By our main desk, Chifu Edward

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cameroonian editor under arrest

New York, December 15, 2009, Committee to Protect Journalists — The managing editor of a private newspaper in Cameroon has been held in police custody since Thursday, accused of insulting President Paul Biya, according to local journalists and news reports.

Managing Editor Jean-Bosco Talla of the weekly Germinal was picked up by police in the capital, Yaoundé, on Thursday and taken to the State Secretariat for Defense, headquarters of the military police, for questioning over a front-page item, according to the same sources.

The item was an excerpt from a 2001 book published in Yaoundé by Daniel Ebalé Angounou, a former government informant, alleging that late President Ahmadou Ahidjo’s handover of power to Biya in 1982 was linked to sexual relations between the two. The item was part of a series of special reports on the 20th anniversary of Ahidjo’s death in exile, which was widely covered by the local press.

Defense lawyer Jean-Marie Ngoua told CPJ that Talla could be formally charged under Cameroon’s criminal libel statutes this week.

“Jean-Bosco Talla should not be imprisoned for quoting a book,” said CPJ Deputy Director Robert Mahoney. “We urge authorities in Cameroon to abandon the practice of using criminal insult laws to send journalists to prison.”

Germinal editor-in-chief Duke Atangana Etotogo told CPJ that police lured Talla with a phone call from a purported source who wanted to meet him. Talla, who has faced arrest and threats over his investigations into the private wealth of Biya and other dignitaries, is the second journalist now in custody for his work in Cameroon, according to CPJ research. The other is Lewis Medjo of the defunct tabloid La Détente Libre.

From our international desk Amsterdam, The Netherlands

More info:

Committee to Protect Journalists
330 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10001 USA Phone: (212) 465-1004 Fax: (212) 465-9568 Web: www.cpj.org

CPJ is a New York-based, independent, nonprofit organization that works to safeguard press freedom worldwide since 1981. For more information, visit www.cpj.org.

SDF Parliamentarians Disburse Micro-projects grants to Mem

Kumba Militants of the opposition SDF party were recipients of micro-projects grants recently. A three-man parliamentary delegation recently. The delegation's mission was to Meme Division. The delegation consisted of Hon Ngoran Lawrence from Bui, Hon Nkembeng Edward from Wouri and Hon Forbi Nchinda Simon from Mezam. They were appointed and delegated by the Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon Cavaye Yeguie Djibril.

Hon Nforbi Nchinda Simon, who led the delegation, handed the grants. This was the second phase of micro-projects parliamentary grants worth 8 million francs in accordance with the law on such grants.

On handing the money Hon Nchinda Forbi cautioned the three district chairpersons to draw up projects and ensure careful use of the grants. He called on them to ensure they satisfied all the stakeholders. He congratulated the chairpersons for the job done last year as all planned projects were realized.

Hon Forbi also reminded the SDF militants of their slogan ‘Power To The People’. He said it is the people (militants) who decide what projects they have to execute as the money is at their disposal. Thus the militants should come up with projects which will be realized with the micro-projects parliamentary grants from the National Assembly.

Hon Nkembeng and Hon Ngoran told the press and SDF militants that the micro-projects grants are meant for Kumba Central Constituency and should be equally shared between Kumba I, II, and III.

The MPs appealed to their militants to ensure that during the upcoming elections Kumba I and III should come under their strong grip just like Kumba II was at the moment. The Honourables also paid a courtesy visit to the widow of late Hon Nkelle Parmey of Kumba Central Constituency.

By Collette Jani

SDF to uplift sanctions on Dissident Mayors

The hierarchy of the Social Democratic Front (SDF), the Vanguard has learnt, is allegedly preparing to welcome dissident mayors. This will be in a November NEC meeting of the Party. The aim of bringing these Mayors is to trash the longstanding differences once and for all.

“A house divided within it self can not stand”, said a party bigwig. A party source hinted the Vanguard that there are moves towards reconciliation. The party's hierarchy is beginning to realize that the article 8.2 is causing untold damage to the party, said our source. This equally explains why the famous article 8.2 was not applied on the West Regional MP, Hon Noumba. This was going to numerically affect the party in the West.

The Vanguard further learnt that the dismissed mayors have been requested to attend the Nov 2009 NEC meeting where their problems with the party shall be considered. Pundits have argued that the Party has to close gaps widened by the barbaric 8.2 before 2010 else the party will witness the worst political setbacks any party has ever experienced. It is apparently for this reason that disciplinary decisions of the party have been mild this time around.

It is however not clear if the party hierarchy will still maintain the ‘win-win’ approach to conflict resolution or 'win-lost' approach. It should be noted that the dialogue between the dissident mayors did not yield fruit because the party adopted the win-win method.

By our main desk, Chifu Edward

Fon Doh Drags The Post Newspaper To Court

Fon Doh of Balikumbat has dragged The Post Newspaper to court for defamation, reports say. The matter has been slated for November 23, 2009 a source has hinted The Vanguard. The civil suit comes as a result of an article published by the Post Newspapers indicating that the Fon was thrashed by some of those who were sentenced alongside Fon Doh for killing the Balikumbat SDF Electoral District Chairman, late John Kohtem.

The prisoners who reportedly got the liberty to visit their homes in Balikumbat, reports say, rough-handled the Fon for enjoying his liberty while they toil in prison for a crime they collectively committed. More especially according to the article, Fon Doh was the main architect of the murder as apart from defending his integrity and that of the CPDM party, he also contributed in murdering the SDF district chair.

The disgruntled inmates reportedly called on the judicial authorities to bring back Fon Doh to Prison. The Mayor of Balikumbat CPDM-run council The Vanguard contacted Sunday October 24 refuted that he was not aware of the incident, adding that he was not in town. Another elite Mbah Samuel Central Committee delegate at the joint section meeting that held in Balikumbat on Sunday October also claimed ignorance of the Saga.

By our main desk, Chifu Edward

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Southern Cameroonians Clash with Buea Administration, Police at Rally

A rally convened at the behest of the Liberal Democratic Alliance (LDA) Party of Mola Njoh Litumbe prematurely ended at the Molyko Stadium in Buea last Wednesday October 28, 2009 when the Buea Divisional Officer brought in a contingent of policemen. They seized an important consignment of books meant for a book launch at the rally as well as the microphone and its stand.

They however returned the microphone and its stand but took away the books. The aim of the rally was to explain the recent Banjul Ruling on the suit between Southern Cameroons vs La Republique du Cameroun, whose distorted version was first announced by Issa Tchiroma last October 1, 2009 over CRTV.

It was when Barrister Bobga Mbuton Harmony was on the microphone reviewing the book titled Et Tu Brute (Even You Brutus) that three senior police officers first appeared from the entrance of the Stadium. Everyone ignored their presence.

"The Banjul Ruling has called on La Republique du Cameroun to engage in meaningful dialogue with the Southern Cameroons," Mr Bobga continued. "But here we are peacefully announcing the verdict to our people but the same forces of law and order are coming in to interrupt us as usual," Barrister Bobga raised his voice higher. After finding out who was the convenor the Superintendent of Police, a Northerner called Mola Njoh Litumbe to the side. Mola explained to him that he had duly deposited his declaration in the Divisional Officer's office. He further told him the law: "The law says when you deposit your declaration and after three days there is no written opposition to it from the Divisional Officer, you are free to go ahead." He said the three days had expired.

He had passed radio announcements about the rally through government's CRTV, and they were even there for coverage. Beside CRTV there were several other press organs like STV, Ocean City Radio, The Post Newspaper, the Frontier Telegraph and The Sun and even a female Australian journalist working for Global Conscience, an international Human Rights outfit.

While the argument raged on Barrister Bobga continued his address until one of the policemen moved up and seized the microphone. By then the D.O. had arrived and attempted to put forth the same arguments. A new twist was that he had been informed they were holding an SCNC rally. Mola Njoh Litumbe maintained that it was an LDA rally and the LDA by law had the right to brief its militants of recent political happenings in the country. This was clearly stated in his declaration. The D.O. however claimed that he never disclosed the agenda of his meeting and when he told his secretary to call Mola Njoh Litumbe, he refused to pick the phone.

Barrister Bobga Harmony lost his temper and told the D.O. and his policemen the import of the Banjul verdict. A copy of the ruling was handed to the Divisional Officer as well as a copy of the declaration that was deposited in his office. Barrister Bobga reiterated the law on assemblies by legalised groups. Both Barrister Bobga and Mola Njoh argued that the D.O. should instead have sent people to come and listen to what they were saying rather than coming to interrupt their peaceful gathering.

The scene gradually turned dramatic as each side cracked very serious jokes and both sides laughed. This time more people streamed into the stadium. The match that was going on in the stadium and had stopped resumed.

Finally the D.O. asked that the meeting should continue while he watched. He asked for the microphone and the stand to be returned, but by then the sound system had been disconnected. Mola Njoh asked the people to sit back and he addressed them once more. The D.O. gathered his policemen and they were contemplating on what to do. The meeting ended with prayers and the people dispersed leaving the D.O. and his police and gendarmes. Two policemen carried the package of books into one of the police vehicles.

Prior to the rally on the same day there was a heavily attended Press Conference in Mola Njoh's Compound in Bokwaongo, Buea. The Press Conference dwelled on the Banjul Ruling and the way forward for the Southern Cameroonians.

Present all through were Mr A.F. Ndangam, Acting Chairman of the Southern Cameroons Peoples Organization (SCAPO), Chief Ayamba Ette Otun, Chairman of the Southern Cameroons National Council, SCNC - Cow Street and Mr Nwachan Thomas SCNC- Ebong. An impressive representation came from Kumba.

By our Buea desk, Nke Valentine

Monday, December 7, 2009

Youth Council: Another CPDM Tentacle To Scoop Money

We all know that NGOs and CIGs in Cameroon are owned by CPDM big wigs that is why all the agric inputs and more, like the tractors donated by foreign concerns ended up in their backyards. ADIC stands witness to this. The owners of these outfits are the ENAM guys. They are the new contractors who have confiscated the economy of this country.

They are doing serious business now to mask the loot in their keeping and if there is a change of hands in the rulership they will find it difficultly to prop them as the will claim they are into business. Their hands are in every pie. They are in the know of how, where and when money and/or facilities will be made available and they use these outfits to waylay them. They are the policy makers and have done everything possible to waylay democracy and destroy it before it takes roots.

From the Minister of Youth Affairs, the forth coming Youth Council shall be made up of youth selected from local NGOs and CIGs. Youths from local NGOs CIGs and other youth have been asked to go and register in DOs' offices. Who shall these youth be representing? Shall they have sovereignty of mind? To whom shall they pay allegiance; their communities that they shall claim to represent or their pay masters? Why will the DO who is from ENAM not choose his colleague's eating house (NGO) youth, knowing where they will do business as usual?

Way Forward

Let me take the liberty to say that all Sub-divisions have development associations and, therefore, know youth who have developmental-oriented minds. And such youth, if they are chosen by their communities and presented to the powers that be, shall be real representatives of their people.

The present steps that the government is taking to come up with a Youth Council is just to come up with a group of youth from their friends' money-making outfits who will further hold the democratization of the country hostage.

It is a well calculated attempt to come up with a body that cannot be a threat to their apple cart as it makes its rounds, deceiving the locals and international friends that youth are contributing to the development of the country. If such a youth council is put in place it will simply be doing the government's bidding.

The common reasoning in the Cameroon polity is that let's wait and see it function first. We have waited and seen NEO, we have waited and seen how CONAC is swallowing more money that it is recovering, and we shall wait and see how ELECAM shall organize a selection not elections. These are senior NGOs. At the local level, the NGOs are owned by the ENAM guys and at the national level these very ENAM guys have come together to put up super NGOs (NEO, CONAC, ELECAM).

All these NGOs are carefully crafted by the same impenetrable gang to work hand in hand and will not topple their apple cart. After all, they are the policy makers who panel beat whatever will suit the prince and send to the ever-willing parliament to adopt in toto and the castrated toothless civil society watches on with indifference.

Democracy is on trial in Cameroon because all laws are crafted with the deliberate intentions that it should not work and if should work the beneficiaries will be the very people in power. These guys are fighting the poor not poverty as they always claim. CONAC-sparrow Hawk is making a timid attempt to put these guys to where all of them belong.

By our politics and opinions desk

More info:

Saturday, December 5, 2009

PM Yang on 2010 disguised campaign trip or home coming?

What started as rumor is fast becoming a reality. The Etoudi tenant is at work again, preparing the grounds for another surprise snap presidential election. The reason for snap elections, The Vanguard learnt from authoritative government sources, is the fear of the unknown generated by the signals that opposition parties are inching towards a unique candidate.

Biya is said to be particularly scared by information that Professor Mathias Eric Owona, son of former Minister Joseph Owona is being groomed as the unique candidate.

Professor Eric Owona, a political science lecturer at the University of Yaounde II, Soa has been very vocal against the regime especially the management of elections. His father is in no hurry to stop him, arguing that Eric Owona is mature enough to know what he wants.

Owona's son is said to be particularly confident he will win because of the excellent relationship he has with the SDF and Ni John Fru Ndi. The SDF Chairman is said to have a very cordial relationship with the Owona's family from the day Joseph Owona agreed to have breakfast with him at Ntarinkon.

The SDF was later to propose Owona for appointment into ELECAM, a proposal the Biya Regime turned down. Eric Owona's good relations with the SDF was recently demonstrated by his acceptance to present a paper during the launching of Cameroun O'Bosso an opposition grouping led by Kah Walla, a NEC member.

Cameroon O'Bosso's launching is said to have sent shock waves down the spines of the Regime, his spin-doctors and election acrobats not withstanding.

Kah Walla is the woman that "rubbished" Nji Fidelis over "Code Biya" and tore the Regime to shreds. During Cameroun O'Bosso launch she announced 11 grievances the Cameroon electorate has against the Biya Regime. These include non-publication of census results, the fact that voting age is 20 instead of 18 years, yet 18 being the age when a Cameroonian is considered an adult and obliged to own a national identity card.

Cameroon O'Bosso is against a one round Presidential election system and also the rejection of independent candidates. The new organization also damns ELECAM which is manned by well known CPDM cohorts, one of them being a politburo member. Faced with such a dire situation the Biya Regime is taking the chances. The idea is to conduct snap elections and take the opposition off-guard.

In order to win the support of France, Biya accepted the idea of a Vice President to whom he claims he will hand over power but which he won't do in order not to be caught in the same situation of Ahidjo who relinquished power to him. Biya pundits believe he will wait to rule until Franck completes his studies on political science in a Swiss academy or Junior comes of age. All these point to the fact that Biya will contest the next elections as CPDM "Natural Candidate".

There is so much at stake for him that he is taking no chances. After securing ELECAM, Biya considered it necessary to ensure that its commissions are manned by former Divisional Officers who until death do them part, are still awaiting one form of appointment or another. An excellent example is former Meme SDO, Makoge who is now Secretary General of a council, currently serving SDOs who have excelled in electoral fraud, has also been allowed to remain in office even when they are due retirement.

The retirement of some top judiciary officials loyal to the Regime has also been put on hold so that they can give Biya another 7-year mandate before being dumped into the trash can.

A perfect example is Alexis Dipanda Mouelle - Dipanda Mouelle is the President of the Supreme Court who told Cameroonians in 1992 that his hands were "tied". He presided at the proclamation of the Presidential Elections of that year widely believed to have been won by Union for Change Candidate, John Fru Ndi. After reading out the plethora of irregularities that characterized the 1992 Presidential Elections, he announced to the consternation of the whole world that the law didn't give them the authority to annul the results. In other words his hands were tied.

Dipanda Mouelle was supposed to go on retirement this year, but has been told to wait till 2010. Another story indicator that snap Presidential Election will take place this year are the marathon visits of PM Yang to both the Northwest and Southwest Regions.

While in the South West, he promised the tarring of the Kumba-Mamfe Road. Why make such a promise if not as part of campaign to solicit for votes. What is at stake that such a promise should be made now? It is obvious that when PM Yang visits Bamenda next week he will make similar promises, this time about the famous Ring Road.

Biya had deceived North-Westerners that it was going be tarred and he was going to personally supervise it. The hope that the ring road would be tarred in Biya's era is not far from vain dreams of a hyena northwest population should bear in mind.

The PM's visit is the more suspicious and telling because Inoni's home-comings of newly appointed members of government have since been banned. The question on almost every lip in the North West is if the PM's visit of November 4, 2009 is not a campaign trip.

Political analysts have observed that for Biya to organize snap - elections, he must begin by amending the constitution again. Although critics argue that snap elections are unconstitutional a despot like Biya does what is convenient for him, not what the law says. Yet to be confirmed reports say Biya shall tour the country in January and that Yang's visits after home coming had been proscribed are intended to take the political temperature.

Friday, December 4, 2009

World Cup draw 2010

Millions are watching the 2010 World Cup draw on television. Children are pushed away: “Don’t stand in front! We can’t see through you!”. The young ones get the clue something important is going on, start to follow and try to understand what fires up the adults.

All around the world people can’t be disturbed by anything else at the moment of the draw. So it seems. Just like a Cameroonian-Dutch family in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Running in and out of the kitchen, the proud Cameroonian mama Quinta Dobgima, tries to keep one eye on her cooking. And her other focused on what’s happening on the TV. She manages to do both well. A scene like many other households and just like many back home in Cameroon.

What’s to see on the big magic glowing piece of equipment? Hands that stir through a bowl. In the bowl names of countries. Countries who are going to take part in the up and coming football competition: World Cup Football 2010 in South Africa.

Who’s going to play who? The television show is a welcome break away of the worries about the world wide economic crisis that is hitting hard. But in the house of this Cameroonian-Dutch family a picture of a extra tense summer is drawn: Cameroon vs The Netherlands.

If both teams pass the play-offs and semi finals, it will be a hell of a party! If both get kicked out of the competition, the coming summer will be a lot less fun. And back to business as usual, well as usual as it can be in these times of crisis. If one team gets kicked out by the other, well… summer will be hell. To make an understatement.

The selection on TV goes without an incident. The show is as beautiful as the tension of the lottery. The promotion campaign of the coming world champions in South Africa is as nothing seen before: the most amazing ever seen for a football cup. And next year in 2010, football -the people’s sport- is coming to the motherland

From our international desk - Auke VanderHoek

Group A
South Africa

Group B
South Korea

Group C
United States

Group D

Group E

Group F
New Zealand

Group G
North Korea
Ivory Coast

Group H

Source image: http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/

Moki Edwin Kindzeka elected president of CAMASEJ Yaounde.

The Yaounde chapter of the Cameroon Association of English Speaking Journalists, CAMASEJ, has elected a new executive with Moki Edwin Kindzeka as president.

Though in absentia, the CRTV television news anchor man and radio broadcast editor at the radio had a hundred percent victory from colleagues at the elections that took place at Green Wood hotel in Yaoundé.

Moki Edwin takes over from Clovis Atatah who has been acting president of CAMASEJ Yaounde since its creation last 23 rd May 2006.

Speaking earlier before the start of the elections, the out gone president Clovis Atatah pledged his total support to who ever was to be elected. He thanked the out going executive for their brilliant services to CAMASEJ Yaounde and challenged the new executive to continue in the spirit.

The expected Ngah Christian who many thought will be elected PRO by acclamation turned down nominations. Ngah Christian who is Publisher Editor of The Guardian Post newspaper is also PRO of NEPAC as well as a business man. Hence with these and others he said his hands were full for him to take up another post in CAMASEJ but pledged full support to the team.

The out gone president, Clovis Atatah will be remembered for many things amongst which are; as the one who initiated the house party and the CAMASEJ Njangi, the one who led a powerful delegation to Buea during the National elective general assembly of CAMASEJ, the one who CAMASEJ won two volley ball tournaments under his reign etc.

Moki Edwin and his team are therefore expected amongst others to foster the relationships that exist between CAMASEJ Yaounde and the Goethe Institute, the British High Commission and the US embassy, organise capacity building workshops for members of CAMASEJ Yaounde etc.

Moki’s dynamism and popularity many have said will certainly see him through. Moki had already showed colleagues that there is no distinction between the private and public media when on two separate occasions he has refused to cover evnts when his colleagues of the private media were barred. This is another red feather to his cap, reason why he was unanimously voted and colleagues are confident he will make it.

Other members of the executive who were also elected included the Vice President- Ngamo Beatrice, Secretary General-Amungwa Nicodemus Tanyi, Vice Secretary General- Juliette Mbela, Treasurer- Mfomi Sonde, Financial Secretary-Elias Ntungwe Ngalame, Public Relations Officer-Emmanuel Tumanjong, and Social Secretary-Nelson Tawe.

By our news desk, NDI Eugene NDI

Merging electoral districts stirs trouble in SDF

Following the poor performance of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) Party in the July 22, 2007 polls in some of her strongholds, the party has decided to take some measures to avert any such mishaps in future. One of the measures is the fusion of some of the mushroom Electoral Districts. This measure has been taken against a backdrop of suspicion of power mongering among some of the leaders, considered as one of the causes of the poor performances, a party insider hinted The Vanguard.

According to our source, on the eve of the twin elections Douala V Council had three Electoral Districts. All the three heads of the Electoral Districts were vying for the position of the Mayor. The result was a big advantage to Mme Foning Francoise of the CPDM. She finally carried the day. Other Electoral Districts that are in the line of mergence include the Chop Matthias-led Bamukumbit and Bafanji to be to be merged with Balkumbat, Baligangsi and Baligashu.

The revelation for these others was made in Balikumbat on September 26, 2009. Dr Lecigah Pius was re-elected District Chairman of the Balikumbat Electoral District where he beat his contestant, Mr Chop Matthias, from Bamukumbit by 281 to 35 votes during the reorganization of the Electoral District Executive.

This decision has, however, not gone down well the throats of some of the party militants with vaulting ambitions. Some pundits have even suggested that this is going to create chaos in the party. Dr Ngepa, among others, argued that the decision was going to affect the party negatively.

Reports say, prior to the September 26, 2009 re-organization exercise militants of the party had met in Ndop where they all agreed on the merger. Surprisingly when they were asked to merge before the District Bureau elections on that Sunday tempers flared seriously, casting doubts on the “entente cordiale” brokered in Ndop. Some considered it to have been a ploy to cause Dr Lecigah Pius to provide more cash for the reorganization exercise.

The Vanguard learned that Dr Lecigah Pius was the sole sponsor of the reorganization exercise. He provided the vehicle that transported militants to the Bamukumbit Squares. Chop Matthias, head of the then Ndop West, made up of Bamukumbit and Bafanji, who had lost against Dr Lecigah, cried foul. He and his supporters claimed that the elections had been rigged. Observers were unanimous that Chop Matthias was a lightweight compared to Dr Lecigah. Besides, Dr Lecigah had 19 Councillors as against 12 for Chop Matthias. Chop could therefore, by no means, win.

In spite the agitation from the vanquished and his followers, party supervised by of Hon. Tsemeloh Deffo Oumbe Sangoneg and the coordinator of the party in Ngohketunjia, Saachong R. Taminang –former SDF Mayor for Ndop Council.

By our head quarters desk, Chifu Edward

Dschang University Rector Hailed For Good Management

The Rector of the University of Dschang, Professor Anaclet Formethe, has been hailed for the good management of the University affairs. This was made by the Board Chairman of the University of Dshcang , H.E. Bochong Francis Nkwain, during the 20 th Board of Governors’ meeting of the University on Friday September 25, 2009 at the conference hall of the university.

Anaclect Formethe was lauded for good management, more especially in regards with setting up of the new structures of the university. The Board Chairman, Francis Nkwain, used the event to enjoin every member of the university community to work harder in order to enhance the culture of excellence into the university.

During this meeting it was also announced that an Institute of Fine Arts of the University shall be opened in Foumban this 2009/2010 academic year. The rector revealed that, when the institute will be granted full authorisation, a competitive examination will be launched adding that for this first year, the institute will be offering some disciplines including painting, sculpture, drawing and iconographic act.

It was also announced that the Ebolowa antenna of the university will also open this year. It will handle disciplines on wood, water and environment. He said that the results of the competitive entrance examination for this discipline will be published soon for the candidates to have themselves ready for the opening of the new school year.

During the board meeting, the administrative account of the Dschang University was adopted at 5.651.000.000 FCFA. Meanwhile the university campuses will be receiving over 20.000 students when classes will resume on October 12, 2009. The Dschang main campus, the Fotso victor Institute of Technology in Bandjoun and the Nkolbison antenna have recently been rehabilitated.

By our Bafoussam desk, Emmanuel Wambo

Cameroon Joins China in celebrating 60th anniversary

An artistic troupe from the Chinese Ministry of Culture has ended a one week visit to Cameroon. Invited by the Cameroon’s Ministry of Culture, the troupe was in Cameroon to celebrate the 60 th anniversary of The People’s Republic of China as part of the cultural friendship ties that exist between both countries.

Accompanied by the national ballet of Cameroon, the troupe thrilled some over 5.000 spectators who turned out to watch them display at the Yaoundé Conference Centre last Sunday September 20, 2009.

The Chinese troupe of 30 young girls of ages 18-20 performed acrobatic display, Chinese dances and the kung Fu that made the members of government and diplomats present to remember the old day Chinese films Like Jacky Chen, the Shaolin in the Chinese temple etc. Spectators clapped at every moment they displayed.

The invitation of the Chinese artistic troupe, cultural analysts say, will reinforce the cultural ties between Cameroon and China. The artistic troupe left Yaoundé for Douala where a similar exercise took place at the Douala-Bercy on Tuesday the September 22, 2009. From Cameroon, the troupe will perform in Nigeria and Benin in what has been termed the 2009 China Cultural focus.

By Ndi Eugene

MINCULT receives Chinese equipment

Sino-Cameroon relations, MINCULT receives Chinese equipment worth 15 million FCAF. The Chinese government has once more proven the fruitfulness of the relations that exists between China and Cameroon by donating some equipment worth 15 million Francs CFA to the Cameroon ministry of Culture.

The stock of equipment comprising of computers, numeric photocopy machines, a projector equalisers and mixers were handed over to the minister of culture recently in Yaounde by the Chinese ambassador to Cameroon HE Huang Changquing.

Handing over the musical equipment to the culture boss, the Chinese ambassador to Cameroon Huang Changquing re-affirmed that he is not going to leave any stone unturned in enhancing the relations that exist between the country of Paul Biya and that of Hu Jintao especially in the cultural sector given that the two countries are geographically far but culturally related.

Ambassador Huang Changquing also announced the visit of a Chinese artistic cultural group to Cameroon in the days ahead. When the group will arrive in the country the ambassador revealed, they will perform in the towns of Douala and Yaounde with the National ballet of Cameroon.

Speaking during the reception, the Cameroon’s minister of culture Ama Tutu Muna expressed words of gratitude to the Chinese government through the diplomat. The culture minister promised the Chinese diplomat that the equipment will be used properly and for the purpose for which it is designed for.

Minister Ama Tutu Muna was very optimistic that the equipment from the Chinese government is going to develop the cultural sector of Cameroon in the phase of modernity. Thus she described the donation as timely. She called on beneficiaries (artists) especially the national ballet to who will be using the equipment to make good use of it in order to develop in to modernisation.

The ceremony was graced with traditional music from Cameroon that thrilled onlookers especially the Chinese diplomat and his entourage. Amongst the dance groups present were the National ballet of Cameroon, Mankossou, etc.

By NDI Eugene NDI