Monday, September 7, 2009

Assassination attempt on Prime Minister

Cameroon’s new Prime Minister Philemon narrowly escaped an assassination attempt last Saturday August 1, 2009 in Bamenda, had the policeman on guard not been strong enough to save the PM’s life by withstanding the strength of the man on suicide mission. The assassin is now under custody at the Bamenda Central prison.

Prime Minister Philemon Yang would have been in oblivion if Police Constable Ngwang Etienne Fai was not strong and brave enough to overcome an assassin who stormed Ayaba Hotel with a dagger hidden in his suit to assassinate the Prime Minister. A certain Francis Tomsi who, apparently was on a suicide mission, is currently in police dragnet following his abortive attempt on PM Yang Philemon’s life.

Stormed Ayaba Hotel

It all happened at on Saturday August 1 at about 8:30 p.m. On that fateful day the said Francis Tomsi of Tubah extraction reportedly stormed Ayaba Hotel to see the Prime minister. He reportedly pleaded with the Policeman on guard, one Ngwang Etienne Fai, to allow him meet the Prime Minister who was in Ayaba Hotel just back from Mbengwi where he paid his last respects to the fallen hero Dr. Daniel Muna. The said policeman reportedly doubted the purpose of the audience with the PM as Francis is said to have indicated that he is jobless and needs a job. He wanted to seek the PM’s assistance to procure a job for him.

Seeing the PM to yearn for a job

The police man reportedly told him that the PM’s visit in town was not official. In this light he was not going to entertain any visitor. Francis insisted on seeing the PM to yearn for a job owing that he has been jobless for decades. He is reported to have told the police man that a car almost knocked him in Bambui and wanted to report the case to the PM adding that he has been jobless for years. He desperately wanted to meet the PM to request him get a job for him. The said gentleman, in an attempt to force his way through the Ayaba door, met stiff resistance from Ngwang. In reaction he removed a dagger from his suit and faced the police in a fierce scuffle. Ngwang’s colleague who was scared by the furiousness of the man and intensity of the fight took on his heels instead of coming to help his colleague. Eyewitnesses briefed The Vanguard.

Nobody intervened to assist the police

Repeated attempts by the assassin to butcher the policeman with the dagger flopped as he defended the dagger with his gun. Onlookers were equally scared and nobody intervened to assist the police man. It was apparently due his bravery and application of apt military defensive tactics that he, Ngwang Etienne, got hold of the man. Without which, he Ngwang, would have been butchered to death, The Vanguard gathered. It was not until he succeeded in blowing off the dagger with his gun that he got a grip on the assassin, flung him on the ground and held him tight before the rest of the policemen intervened.

The assassin however succeeded in inflicting injuries on Ngwang’s face, upper lip and his finger. Part of the finger nails has been cut off, The Vanguard has gathered. Had the said police not stop the man the PM would have been of late.

By Chifu Edward
Photo source: CRTV

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