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The Biya Code: The Handwork of Cameroonian Ministers

The so-called Biya Code purportedly written by a French Journalist, François Mattei, has been one of the most controversial topics in Cameroon of recent. So many tongues have questioned why it should be a French man that should write about H.E. President Biya of Cameroon. Yet in an interview with BBC this French man confesses that he has never met Biya, yet e knows so much about him. He even knows what Cameroonians do not know! The Vanguard in her unquenchable quest for the truth cornered Mr Yembe Martin Fon, Civil Society person and Chief Executive Officer of the NGO GLOBINET. He told us what he feels about the Biya Code.

According to Martin Yembe: “Biya’s latest agenda to crush the Southern Cameroon’s struggle and completely implant his 'Mr. Clean' image on the citizens of this territory has been made public. The event took the Bamenda people like a storm, when the state-owned CRTV began broadcasting a special news bulletin from NW Governor, on a very high profile delegation from Yaoundé to launch a very important book in Bamenda. The invitees to the book launch were : all North West Fons; All CPDM Section Presidents; All members of the Civil society; all sons and daughters of the North West.”
Talking to the Vanguard Mr Yembe was categorical that the book: “The book is written by Biya’s cabinet ministers to cleanse Biya of his political woes and demises.” He expressed worries as any other Cameroonians: “Every writer, everyone who stands for what is good. What is true, what is just and every Cameroonian journalist. My initial apprehension is that, the Head of State of this country does not like Cameroonians. Does not trust Cameroonians, does not have any confidence in Cameroonians. Yet he tenaciously holds out the helm of the state.”

“How comes that serious communiqué that tilt Cameroon government policies is done from abroad? Biya has been granting interviews to foreign media but has never had a press conference in Cameroon, except when he is landing at the airport where Charles Ndongo and his colleagues will stretch out their microphones,” Yembe wondered. Questioning how a French writer - François Mattei, who has never met Biya - could write about him with such exactitude. Yembe opined that “From the way Professor Elvis Ngolle Ngolle, one of the longest serving cabinet members of the Biya’s regime, presented his paper, he lent credence to François Mattei’s hypothesis crediting him as a wonderful visionary. He made allusion to the fact in 2006 when the Head of State was purported to have died, he, Ngolle Ngolle, was sitting on the same dining table with President Paul Biya and he saw his reactions as those of a president who is very composed, not shaken by emotional information. These very statements are contained in the Biya Code.

Ngolle concluded that if not because he is a member of the cabinet and he was there with Biya, he would not have known about Biya’s insight, and concluded that François has written as if he is an insider. He just ran short of telling us the real author of the book including him self that they are those who wrote and gave to François to author the book. "The book is written by a cabinet member in the Biya’s regime," He argued. Making a mockery of the whole book, Yembe quoted the purported author as saying he has never met Biya in person in a BBC interview. The paradox of the book he, went on, is the fact that François Mattei claims very clearly that he has never met President Biya. How then did he come out with such a vivid biography about President Paul Biya when he does not know him? He questioned.

It was with this in mind that he concluded that President Biya is suffering from psychological torture as an individual. “He is above seventy years and in power more than his predecessor. He is facing the Southern Cameroon’s problems, faced with the problem of the Northerners, problems within the Beti Clan, “The Essingan.”

Yembe the former SDF Provincial Chair harped that Biya has taken a lot into his mouth, more than he can chew. This is a man who has on paper decreed decentralisation because he refused Federalism which was proposed by the opposition in the nineties and now he has come out with decentralisation which is giving a different name to the same thing and implementing it the wrong way. He is now swallowing the bitter pills. The implementation is wrongly done as he does it to suit his whims and caprices. By so doing, he has stepped on so many toes. Now, he is faced with the problem of whom to trust or punish or whom to please. In this case he is turn between the deep sea and the hard rock. He doesn’t know what next to do. He turns around and discovers that his closest partners, the Catholic Church, have turned against him in the report of a catholic NGO in France that exposed his foreign wealth. This is torturing president Biya psychologically. What is going to happen? So they had to build up an image-cleansing book which they now paint him as an enigma, a utopia - a symbol to balance his psychological torments.

Present at the so-called book launch which turned out to be an occasion to send a motion of support to President Biya were the following: Chairman, and chief organiser Hon. Simon Achidi Achu; Prof. Leke Tambo ( Sec. Gen. Ministry of Secondary Education); Prof. Fru Angwafor, SG Ministry of Public Health ); Dr. Calistus FUH ( Secretary of State Mines and Industrial Development) ; Dr. Dion Ngute Joseph ( Minister Delegate in charge of Relations with the commonwealth) ; Pr. Elvis Ngolle Ngolle( Minister of forest and the Faun); others included John B. Ndeh; Governor, NW, SDO, NW; Government Delegate, Bamenda, the entire ‘etat major’ of the Governor. And right behind the Top Men were cronies like Simon Nkwenti (who goes for leader of NW Civil Society); NW Fons; others.

In the questions and answer session that followed, the first two were CPDM militants who called for copies of the book to be made available in all the divisions. The third chance was taken by Martin Fon Yembe, a member of the NW Civil Society. He observed firstly that it has been established very vividly that French people know more about Biya than his compatriots, for barely weeks after a French NGO (CCFD-solidaire) came out with the nastiest report on Mr. Biya, here comes another French man (a supposed biographer, Monsieur Francois Mattei) with the most angelic image cleansing book ever written about any living African leader…not even Mandella! Yembe corroborated his claims by the fact that Mr. Biya is wont to granting interviews on French media and never to his home media…reason why the French seem to know him more than his compatriots.

Continuing, Yembe observed that as a journalist and writer himself, he has never known of an occasion when a book launch is done in the absence of the author or even his representative to be presented and to autograph the bought copies! He wondered why the entire Government bench composed only of Southern Cameroonians have to leave their demanding tasks in Yaoundé to join the entire North West ‘etat major’ to launch the book of an obscure French writer. Was the Cameroon government mandated by this French boy to promote and launch the book for him, Yembe wondered aloud. He further concluded in his observations that in Ngolle Ngolle’s presentations, it was made clear that the author writes “ as an insider…for he delves into some details known only to Biya’s Cabinet …like the case of how Biya reacted on a Dinner table in Switzerland in June 2006 when it was being announced that Biya had died. Thus, Yembe concluded that either the author Francois Mattei is someone in Biya’s Cabinet or he was paid and given information to write on for ‘Image Cleansing!’ Lastly, Yembe wished to know why only Bamenda and Buea have been chosen for the supposed book launch whose original is in French!!

The only answer that came from Prof. Leke was that the government is not launching but presenting the book!!! And that was the end of it. All the Fons were assured copies- funds were made available for them to open the launch. (each costing CFA 16,000.) The most ridiculous and queer intervention came in from a certain Madam Mofor Elizabeth, Principal of GBHS Bamenda, who accepted to read a prepared Motion of support to Biya for being given such a wonderful painting in THE BIYA CODE!!! by a French man! The motion went on to thank Biya for appointing their son as P.M., and ended with a call for Biya to accept being the natural candidate of their party!! This is where the agenda emerged.

From our political desk
Photo: Reuters

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