Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Biya, repeated Press Reports and Refusals: When shall this end

Two weeks ago the Minister of Communication, Alhaji Issa Tchiroma Bakary, purportedly opposition Minister in Mr Biya’s Government, was very vocal in denouncing reports from the French Press on Biya’s lavish expenditure in a hotel in France. The proprietor of the hotel himself came up to denounce such as people trying to run down his customer. He did not however refute the fact that Biya and his entourage did not lodge there. The motions of support and the marches against these 'untruths' are surely on the way.

This refusal follows closely on the heels of the one published by the French Catholic NGO CCFD. This report considered very damaging on the Head of State and his family revealed among other things, Biya’s wealth in France, his altruism to a cult OSTI and the wealth of his son Biya Frank.

The questions here which beg for answers are: do the press organs that propagate this information hate Biya? What do they gain by doing such mischief, if mischief it is? Are they sponsored by some group or country as anti-campaign against Biya in view of the 2011 Presidential bid? Finally are these press organs above the law that Biya can not sue them in court?

The most interesting aspect of it is that Mr Biya himself has never made any public statement about such publications. It is said silence is consent. What baffles The Vanguard newspaper is why outsiders have decided to weep louder than the bereaved. Although it is said that a public figure does not have any personal life at least once in a while Mr Biya has to come out and defend his person. The fact that he has adopted a life of passivity and always allows time to solve his problems; it is not a very good strategy. His arrogance beats imagination. He seems to take Cameroonians for some of those imbeciles that are probably electronically fabricated and do not have blood circulating in them. They can thus be treated with such spiteful arrogance with impunity.

Surrounded by sycophants of the highest order it is possible to reach such heights in arrogance. His choir boys of CRTV would stop at nothing to shamelessly say the President is moving in the most expensive attire when he is moving naked. And so it was when he landed at the Nsimalen airport last week after his three-week luxurious holidays at the expense of the Cameroonian taxpayer the boys were not ashamed to be saying he went to Europe only with six people naming a few ministers and forgetting about his wife children, dog, stewards and you can name the rest.

It is equally very disheartening that a country which the most venerated person in the world has visited not once, not twice but three times, I mean the Pope, could be loaded with such obscenities. Cultism, corruption, immorality and you can name the rest is the order of the day in Cameroon. In short Cameroon could be likened to the Biblical Sodom and Gomorra.

Yet we thrive on, smiling in difficulties, staging marches everyday to denounce what the press says about our president, sending motions of support, calling on our president to be there for all his life since if he quits Cameroon will cease to exist. Cheers and let’s keep suffering and smiling!

By Nke Valentine

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