Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Biya to Hand Power to Northerners under Duress

It is conjectured within very plausible quarters that Biya will hand over power to the North as any attempt to hand over to his Son Frank Biya may cost his head. Pundits have hinted that President Biya will hand over power to one of the northern Ministers instead of his son as earlier on schemed.

This cataclysmic change of the succession plan is to pre-empt political mayhem that could bother the erstwhile tranquillity of his family after he leaves power. The Vanguard gathered that abandonment of Late President Amadou Ahidjo’s corpse in Senegal remains another source of rancor between Biya, Adhidjo’s family and the entire Northern Cameroon. Besides, Late president Ahmadou was tricked by French authorities to hand over power to President Biya "their best Student” expecting that he was going to pilot the affairs of the nation sheepishly following their selfish economic plans.

The Northerners can hardly forget the treatment meted out on their kith and kin after the foiled April 6, 1984 coup d‘état. The key reason for the coup as read by Issa Adoum in his speech was the rate at which Biya and his kith and kin were plundering the state economy. At that time the rest of the Cameroonians were infatuated with Mr Biya’s “Rigor and Moralisation” and rose up as one man to defend Biya and the nation. A few years after the putchists were proven right and Cameroon crumbled under the crunch of the economic crises.

As testified in a recent video documentary Histoire d’Ahidjo, President Ahidjo was a Nationalist, a visionary with a wonderful development plan for the nation. He left so much wealth behind only to be squandered within a very short time by Biya and his country people. Ahidjo Germaine, late Amadou Ahidjo’s wife, said in the documentary that Ahidjo developed crises when he learnt that Cameroon was in economic crises.

On the contrary Biya is not a nationalist. He prefers to spend most of his time in France where he schooled and knows nothing about his country. He is even reported to have once boasted that he was the French president’s best pupil.

The pundits, who are currently working on statistics of the number days Biya spends in Cameroon in a year since he took over power from Adhijo, hinted The Vanguard that Biya will hand over power to the North under duress. The Vanguard gathered most Cameroonians preferred a northerner as next president of Cameroon to a Beti again.

He dismissed fears that Biya might replicate Gabons’s political maneuvers to catapult his son Frank successor. Though he earlier plan to hand over power to him to check any embarrassment that could bother his life after power, the under ground atomic political tension against such plans is reportedly so frightful that he had to change his plans.

The massive recruitment into the army, especially his Beti fellows into the army and the military cooperation ties with France and early plans to use inter-continental force to ram his son down the throats of Cameroonians has been neutralized by the mounting tension. Though France might try to force him to impose his son on Cameroonians, Biya seems to have understood the dangerous and selfish economic game plans and may not yield.

The political pundits lamented that Biya’s hands are tied as he is being remotely controlled from France owing to the fact that France, La République du Cameroon’s colonial master, has never granted Cameroon Economic and Political independence. Biya antagonized his relationship with France by embracing other strong western Countries like America amongst others. Such moves by Biya to free Cameroon from France taunted French authorities. This explains why Nicolas Sarkozy at first ignored Biya when he came to power. “Though he pretended that he was not going to embrace sit-tight African leaders, what took him to Bongo of Gabon who had been Head of State for forty years, more than Biya that had only clocked twenty five at the time?” he questioned.

It is also rumored that former Finance Minister Polycap Abah Abah gave Nicolas Sarkozy financial assistance during his presidential campaign on condition that he was going to cause Biya to quit for him to take over. According to this school of thought, this accounts for Sarkozy’s indifference to Biya in his early days on the French throne. The Sarkozy- Abah Abah ploy against the President in preparation for the 2011 presidential race is what is today known as the G11. Biya reportedly got wind of the ploy and had to cage all those who featured in the list. This is where Zaccheus Forjindam former Director of Chantier Naval,fell into the dragnet, Jean Marie Atangana Mebara former Secretary General at the Presidency,Olanguena Awono former Minister of Public Health not withstanding.

By Julius Nyassa

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