Friday, September 4, 2009

CALAC Embraces Drilling Youths on Music, Arts And Culture

The Centre of African Literatures and Culture, CALAC, has set its agenda prioritizing the training of youth on music, arts and cultures. It is a specialized centre in the University of Buea created by decree No 93/034 of 19 January 1993, headed by professor Ibrahim Tala Kashim was appointed in 2007 as pioneer head.

According to the don, a pilot workshop built for Monday August 3 is geared at preparing the ground for short courses in music, arts and cultures. In his words, the objectives are 5-dimensional to wit promotion of new fields of study, capacity building for teachers and students, promotion of distance learning in music arts and cultures, promotion of professionalization through short courses, and promotion of basic entrepreneurship. He revealed that the short courses will go operational from 2010 and will prepare some educated youth for employment in the creative and productive arts, hoping that they will eventually create employment for themselves and others.

African music and dance, African arts and culture as well as video production and screenplay writing are previewed as contents of the workshop. As revealed, attestation would be issued to students who shall have successfully completed a course. Set up and being run under the auspices of UB Vice Chancellor, Prof. Vincent P. K. Titanji, CALAC is a multipurpose and interdisciplinary research and teaching institute on African affairs. It specializes in the dissemination of information about African languages, literature and cultures, through the publication of books and articles. It also organizes workshops, seminars and conferences.

To better achieve its aims CALAC encourages the use of indigenous knowledge in education and research for development. In addition, it provides appropriate library and a data base for research, participates in environmental education and has initiated a visiting fellowship program.

By Mua Paul Kum

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