Friday, September 4, 2009

CPDM youths pledge to support Biya as life President

The youth wing of the CPDM, with French acronym as “Jeunesse de l’Ouest Unie pour le Renouveau (JOUR)”, have pledged their unflinching support for the Head of State President Paul Biya to stand as their natural candidate for the 2011 presidential election.

The youths were drawn from nooks and corners of the West Region. Gathering at the CAPLAMI conference hall in Bafoussam, 19 July 2009, they evaluated the CPDM under the leadership of Paul Biya. They resolved to sincerely thank the Head of State for the numerous achievements in the area of development.

They also unanimously thanked the president for maintaining Jean Kuete to the post of Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development; Clobert Tchatat as Minister of Planning and Urban Development, Madam Tchuente Magdaleine as Minister of Scientific Research, Nganou Djomessi Emmanuel as Deputy Secretary General in the Prime Minister’s office; Kamto Maurice as Minister Delegate at the Ministry of Justice and Keeper of the Seals; Mefiro Oumarou as Secretary of State in the Ministry of transport. They also thanked him, the Mayor for appointing Ngoko Tomdio Michael to the post of Water and Energy Minister and Luc Sindjoun as Special Adviser at the Presidency of the Republic.

Speaking to a cross-section of the youths of Jeunesse de l’Ouest Unie pour le Renouveau (JOUR), the coordinator, Jean Calvin Moukoua thanked the presidents of the other youth wings, i.e. the President of the YCPDM, PRESBY and JACHABY and his followers of JOUR for honoring the rendezvous which, to him, was a take-home message. He then cautioned the presidents and the youths of the various associations not to relent in their efforts in supporting the new deal government.

The various speakers seized the opportunity to condemn the Catholic French non-governmental organization for lashing out on the Head of State for acquiring illegal wealth. They said the Head of State must have saved enough money in 46 years of active service. They described the publication as baseless. The coordinator of La JOUR warned the youths to be vigilant, because when the Head of State is attacked, it is the nation that has been attacked. Beware of detractors he announced.

The youth groups, then preceded to a march, round some major streets of Bafoussam, carrying placards bearing messages like no to colonialism, thanks to the head of state for appointing and maintaining our ministers, we need your candidature in the 2011 Presidential elections etc.

By Emmanuel Wambo

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