Wednesday, September 2, 2009

ELECAM Members Follow Biya’s Campaign Wagon

The population Buea was visibly disgusted to find at least a member of elections Cameroon following the disguised campaign wagon for President Biya ahead of the 2011 presidential elections. Earlier announcements on the media misled the public into bracing up for an imminent presentation of the English version of Le Biya Code by the French Journalist François Mattei, the Biya Code in English.

Built for Amphi theatre 750 of the University of Buea recently, the ceremony took South West population by storm when it turned out to be a beatification or canonization ceremony for Paul Biya and to endorse him as Life President of Cameroon. Members of the controversial independent electoral body like Dorothy Njeuma were graced with high seats to give the campaigns the steam and inspiration it needed. These acolytes, though never mounting the rostrum, were however conspicuous in their hands of applause each time Biya was extolled by each of the panelists. The abstention of Dorothy Njeuma from the press with the words, “I cannot speak here” observers said, spoke of her yet alloyed support to the CPDM and Paul Biya.

A 5-man delegation dispatched from Yaounde comprising Ngolle Ngolle Elvis, Ngwafor III, Dion Ngute, Leke Tambo and Callistus Gentry as well as a Buea denizen Ikundi, made their appraisals of François Mattei’s publication. For Ngwafor III, the book focuses on issues and values that underpin Biya’s actions, Biya the enigma and the little understood. Borne of humble parents and living with his brother in Mvomeka, Biya attended the major seminary of Akono from where he dropped out and enrolled in Lycée Générale Leclerc Yaounde and then pursued further studies in France. Ngwafor credited Biya on the Bakassi affair.

For Leke Tambo the Biya code holds that Biya was disciplined and calm that gave him sound education. Cueing up with Leke Tambo, Ngolle Ngolle Elvis credited President Biya for being calm in all his undertakings. He re-invoked the albatross affair to say he was one of the passengers on board that would have perished with the president and his family. He continued that for 15 minutes after take off, the plane was unable to gain altitude adding that this instilled panic in many of the passengers but Biya remained calm. His mention of the albatross affair did not go down well with most South West militants of the CPDM as they perceived this as a ploy to victimize Ephraim Inoni even more, when the latter has hardly escaped the wrath of president Biya.

By Mua Paul Kum

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