Friday, September 4, 2009

Elite Warned Against Petitions And Defamation

The Fon’s of Widikum Sub-division have vehemently condemned the writing of petitions and defamation amongst the elite of the locality. This condemnation was made recently in Widikum sub-division in a bid to unite the elite of that area for better understanding and to enhance development. Speaking at the event was His Royal Majesty the Fon of Widikum who condemned misunderstanding among all elite of Widikum sub-division. He said there is disorder amongst elite and called for an immediate resolution. He added that any elite caught writing petitions against another will face severe punishment by the tradition of Widikum land and by the gods.

The Fon was making these remarks in the presence of their member of parliament (MP) for Momo West Hon. Enwe Francis Abe who was highly honored by the Fons for the gesture and goodwill he has shown for Momo West. Hon. Enwe has contributed a lot for the development of Momo West especially in Njikwa, Ngie and Widikum which according to beneficiaries only the Almighty can reward him.

The Vanguard Newspaper gathered that during his stewardship the man Hon. Enwe has created 4 Colleges with Njikwa, Ngie and Widikum as beneficiaries and with over 40 million cash for the construction of these colleges. He has also sponsored medical doctors to operate some 50 inhabitants of Eka and Bifang, scholarships to 10 female children of secondary schools, benches to some needy primary schools, bundles of zinc to some communities and palaces, financial donation and sponsor of Women’s Day celebrations in Njikwa worth 500.000 FCFA cash, writing materials to some schools in Ambele, Sponsored the party anniversary in Mbe and Konda, organization of football competitions in Njikwa and some areas within Momo West, making a series of tours in Njikwa, Menka etc not living out the promotion of elite into strategic positions. All these happening within his constituency, with the appreciation of the Fons a libation was executed as a sign of blessing as required by the tradition.

The MP’s cry as of now is the bad road network leading to these areas aforementioned which he is presently appealing for the Government to solve this problem before it is compounded. The Vanguard also gathered that Hon. Enwe during a tour to Mbe village had to trek for over 5 hours on hills before arriving at the Palace to donate bundles of zinc. Hon. Enwe also found it difficult to visit some areas within his constituency due to bad road network.

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