Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Friend of the Press Passes On

Mr Rex Kodang was laid to rest in his family residence in Mbu Village (Baforchu) on July 18, 2009. Fondly called Ni Rex, Mr Kodang was a good friend of the Press. He never missed any edition of a newspaper and equally sometimes contributed.

Mr Rex Kodang, fondly called Ni Rex, by both admirers and detractors during his sojourn on earth, was born on April 25, 1955 in Mbuh (Baforchu) of Pa Augustine and Mama Anna Atock Kodang. He attended Presbyterian School Mbuh.

Upon completion Rex moved to Bamenda town in search of a brighter future. After some time in town he discovered it was not as rosy as he had imagined and so shifted grounds to Victoria (today Limbe). Victoria started enkindling his expectations as he gained a job with the Cameroon Bank. This was now in 1971.

His quest of steeping himself in the wisdom of the white man might have suffered earlier setbacks due to the humble financial background of the family, but now, exposed to the world, Rex vowed to continue his quest for the white man’s wisdom. He thus enrolled in a Salesmanship Course by correspondence in a School in Britain. He bagged a Diploma in Salesmanship as a consequence.

In 1980 he gained a job in the Accounting Department of the American Embassy in Yaoundé. He was not to be there for long as he found a better job with the Cameroon National Lottery. And in 1985 he gave up working under any person and established Marcelin Enterprises, a Contracting business concern.

As a contractor he executed several contracts for the state. It was not also all rosy in this field for even up to now some of his contracts have not yet been paid. However, Rex fought and instituted a Trade Union for Northwest Contractors, the North West Contractors Syndicate (NOWECOSY) and became the President till his departure from this sinful world.

In 1986 Rex Kodang fell in love with and got married to Miss Rose Angieh in March that year. With her they begot four kids. In social life Rex had been very active in the ruling CPDM Party where before he passed away he was Treasurer for the Santa .. Section. He never made bones of his political inclinations, yet he would hardly take any wrong thing lightly. Many an administrator has tasted of Rex Kodang’s venom, just in case you went astray. It is even reported that when the present Governor arrived one of the people he called to consult on issues of the region was Rex Kodang. Even in high level party meetings he had never taken anything lying down. He had corrected Ministers when they go wrong.

Rex Kodang had a passion for reading, especially law books. One would have easily mistaken him for a professional lawyer when you listened to him discuss law or argue a case. He also read every newspaper and never hesitated to write back if you hurt him in your write up. His mails had been read in the Sunday Morning CRTV National Station Program Cameroon Calling, expressing his grievances.

Mr Kodang was one of the most easy-going gentlemen, as his friends ranged from the smallest kid to the biggest man one can imagine. He despised nobody and sought a solution to anybody’s problem who came up to him. Mr Kodang upheld culture and so raised and nurtured a masquerade juju group which all of us will see display in this compound. The juju group served in several occasions.

In his medical history Rex Kodang had been hypertensive for more than ten years. He had also been diagnosed of hepatitis B about 10 years ago too. However he did his best to control all these according to the prescriptions of the medics. Two months ago it became very severe. He moved from one hospital to the other in and out of the Region. He went to the General Hospital in Yaounde and then to Dr Muna’s Polyclinic Bonanjo and Dr Kwende’s Clinic in Douala. Back in Bamenda Dr Achu Davidson tried all his medical prowess to save Rex Kodang in his Mezam Polyclinic. Doctor Kwende left his own clinic in Douala, came up and joined Dr Nkwenti so they could join their heads and save Rex Kodang. God said it was time.

By Nke Valentine

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