Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kumba 2 Council:Tax Officials Blamed for Poor Realisation of 2008 Budget

Councillors of the Kumba 2 council have heaped blame on tax officials, the government of Cameroon and the Kumba City council for the poor realization of the council budget for 2008. This was during their first ordinary session for 2009 held on Wednesday July 15, 2009 to examine and adopt the administrative and management accounts of 2008.

Addressing the Councillors, Mr Asapngu Ferdinand Nkiaka, Mayor of Kumba 2 Council, said the budget was voted and approved for income and expenditure in the sum of 302.000.000 FCFA but only 72.652.836 FCFA was realized, representing 24.06%. This, the Mayor said, was due to the fact that taxation officials were too relaxed in the collection of the said taxes.

He blamed the government for underestimating the population of the Kumba 2 Subdivision by giving them only 25 council seats. The population of Kumba 2 Sub Division is estimated at three hundred thousand inhabitants, he said. Another cause, Mayor Asapngu posited came from the fact that the Kumba City Council collects rents and other taxes from the Fiango Market which they did not contribute to build; as well as collecting parking fees, loading and offloading fees from within Kumba 2 Municipality and not giving the approved subventions to Kumba 2 Council.

The worse, the Mayor said, is even happening now as they have forcefully taken over the Fiango market, thereby making it difficult for them to collect the global tax and market tolls as approved in their 2009 budget and in complete violation of the deliberations of the last city council meeting. The councillors therefore called on the taxation officials to ameliorate the situation during this last half of the 2009 financial year and also on the supervisory authority of the council to intervene to correct the situation.

Meanwhile the S.D.O for Meme Abath Zangbwala Magloire called on the councillors to be realistic when drafting the budget and also to enable peace to reign within the municipality. After the examination the accounts were adopted with a surplus of over one million francs.

By Ekema Raymond


beteck jacob said...

The question he should asked he self (Cyprian Awudu Mbaya) who and when did those post were put because them that thinks the are doing the right things, they are the wants selling the anglophone.
when a anglophone is given the opportunity to be somewhere high he took the advantage to kill his conscience and made big big English.

Please after that English check his bank account then he will tell you nothing goes for nothing' crash by back, i crash your back then You wish the country to move forward.

All those Cameroonians making their mouth in America' it is time i send them back here in Cameroon because the human right in America knew what is happening to my well being and educational career even the president in America. if their knew what this people did to my well being and educational career , i don't think' if it happened to one of them, it will be taking lightly.
if ' they are you out there,making such condemned. Have there asked what is happening here with their family's (ingrate's ).

President BARACK OBAMA please kindly asks the Cameroonian in America to come here and give their country peace but standing for justice and bring truth to the hearing of the populist in the nation. last warning let me no hear any noises coming from Cameroonians in America or you'll see.Dare me

beteck jacob said...

I believe its an honor for me to write this few message of truth. Many in life do not have the same opportunities others has for example like myself.

I made my life through the perspective for experiences in which i had encounter through out my existence. When you bring up a child, has a parent you must wish the child the best in life by given him the best of education.

Many can be mean but correction must always be made because of miscalculation in life (wrong doing). Forgive me for intruding but i thought about it as one of the mankind existence on earth, at least a word can resolve some of the heart's in fault.

I am not rich but having the passion for justice.
I do not have a good educational career but I keep up to my expectation in life by fighting to make a living for my self and helping others with the search for justice in any given problem, the must be a solution for amendment.

Search for you fault and accept it by bring up a better balance in your life. may the name of our Lord Jesus Christ remain in our heart for ever and ever.

Anonymous said...

Look at yourself or stand and face the mirror, do take a look and ask yourself who am i? what purpose am i to fulfill on earth before i die? what important am i to the lord our GOD for creating me? then wake out of your door and help people and when there said thank you, tell he/she thank you won't take but help three other persons and ask the person to help three others too then your work on earth will have a joyful meaning.

There are many around us that needed our help but we neglect them just for the sake of we do not have the time but you can spent 4 to 5 hour in a drink spot why not use that time to help some one who needed helped at that point in time.

Lets just put this in test when you help a person do not take a thanks but show him appreciation by helping at least three others and ask the three others to help other three and lets see what the world have for us.

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What haven't i seen in life what suffering i haven't encounter since growing up till this stage of age. my main priority stands from my believed and what am about to achieve in future even in my death its will become a useful acknowledgement to all and produce faith result in mankind existence.

When you complaints doesn't mean you are weak but searching for the means to create a better stand for justice in life. Its not by power you will always find a solution but by the acknowledgement you put forth will be countable for a judicial ideology for life.

We were created to find out one day where is the place you are destiny to be and where you will find peace and harmony in life. The day for the chance i had been searching is coming and the peace many had been looking for is fast Approaching. While we wait lets put things in prayers for our soldiers at the borders and prayers to the neighboring countries for the fight against Boko Haram. let Our Lord Jesus Christ bless us and see us through Amen

beteck jacob said...

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Il ya beaucoup de gens autour de nous qui a besoin de notre aide, mais nous les négliger juste pour le plaisir de nous ne pas avoir le temps, mais vous pouvez passé 4 à 5 heures dans un endroit boisson pourquoi ne pas utiliser ce temps pour aider quelqu'un qui avait besoin aidé à ce point dans le temps.

Laisse juste mettre cela à l'épreuve quand vous aidez une personne ne prenez pas une grâce, mais lui montrer son appréciation en aidant au moins trois autres et demander aux trois autres pour aider trois autres et permet de voir ce que le monde ont pour nous.

Nous sommes tous nés pour faire de la réussite dans la vie et nous avons été créés pour suivre l'étape de pied de notre Seigneur Jésus-Christ dans sa religieux Il partagée entre l'être humain sur la terre. La raison suis vivant aujourd'hui, beaucoup sait dans la perspective de sa venue et comment son a été manifesté par mes propres mains avant sa venue à ce point et je suis en vie pour voir et pour assister à l'acte de ma création.

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Lorsque vous plaintes ne signifie pas que vous êtes faible, mais la recherche des moyens de créer une meilleure position pour la justice dans la vie. Son pas par le pouvoir, vous trouverez toujours une solution, mais par la reconnaissance que vous mettre en avant sera dénombrable pour une idéologie judiciaire pour la vie.

Nous avons été créés pour trouver un jour où est l'endroit où vous êtes le destin d'être et où vous trouverez la paix et l'harmonie dans la vie. Le jour de la chance je cherchais est à venir et la paix beaucoup avaient été à la recherche d'approche à grands pas. Alors que nous attendons permet de mettre les choses dans la prière pour nos soldats aux frontières et des prières dans les pays voisins pour la lutte contre Boko Haram. Que notre seigneur Jésus-Christ nous bénisse et nous voir à travers Amen


beteck jacob said...

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