Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Man Stripped Naked After Cameroon - Gabon Match

A man of about 36 years, whose names The Vanguard got only as Arouna Mama, was reportedly stripped naked after the Cameroon Gabon Match last Sunday that saw the Cameroonians beat the Gabonese by 2 goals to none.

Arouna is said to have lost a bet The two, Arouna Mama 36 and his friend Kamtem Augustine reportedly betted on 25.000 FRS each. If the Lions won then , Kamtem will take home the sum, while if Gabon won Arouna will take the money.

They both put the 25.000 FCFA each, making 50.000 FCFA in the hands and care of a middle man of that part in a popular drinking spot in Bafoussam. The rule of the game was that he who wins shall share drinks to the spectators worth 15.000 FCFA.

As tension mounted during the first 45 minutes, each of the two friends was confident to take back home the sum. Emmana’s first goal did not discourage Arouna as he went on to tell his opponent that he was going to disgrace him. Samuel Eto’o Fils shattered his dreams at the 67 minutes when scored the second goal. Arouna Mama then became visibly infuriated and aggressive to the middle aged man and his opponent, who said he was only making football jokes like a good foot ball fan.

The spectators, thirsty to drink in order to celebrate Cameroon’s, pressed for the 15,000 FCFA to be spent. Arouna stripped himself naked and swore that if the 25.000 FCFA was not handed back to him he will commit suicide. Deaf to his claim, the sum of 15.000 FRS was removed and handed to the bar seller who shared drinks for consumption.

Arouna then took to the street ready to die. He was promptly arrested by the police to whom he narrated his ordeal when questioned. He revealed to the police that his father sent him to collect the 25.000 FCFA from a njangi house. His father had told him it was meant for transport for his junior brother and sister to travel to travel back to school in Douala on Sunday.

Before the police arrived the scene, everybody had gone but it is believed that the friend through the help of the police borrowed him the 25.000 FCFA.

Arouna, it should be noted is not the first to have risked his father’s money meant for transport for his junior one in gambling. Many parents too during this crucial moment of back to school have indulged in gambling in a quest to have more money in order to lessen their burdens. When you gamble, be prepared to lose or win.

By Emmanuel Wambo, Bafoussam

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