Saturday, September 5, 2009

Motions of support are a hangover

Motions of support are a hangover of the one party system which was forced down the throats of Cameroonians by Ahidjo and his cohorts in 1966. When Biya took over power in 1982 the media and Biya followers launched a crusade against “NOSTALGIA”. No to nostalgia. Shortly after the 1984 attempted coup “motions of support” resurfaced again. Even when salaries were drastically reduced in 1993 Motions of support inundated the presidency. There must be madness in the minds of some Cameroonians.

Today motions of support are to seek favors, seek notice, over up misdeeds, flatter or to jockey for positions. There is no where in Africa that one hears again of “Motions of Support” except when a President misses a political mishap. It is only in Cameroon where political sycophancy has reached the high heavens. Professional Motions of Support writers have established Factories in some Regions where well phrased “Motions of Support” are fabricated for sale to those who cannot write. They are phrased in such a way as to suit every situation. One only has to buy and sign.

As I had earlier said, “Motions of support” originated from the monster party “CNU”. That Motions of Support have gained ground in both intensity and magnitude is proof that Cameroon has rushed back into the one party system. The brutality of that system will live to haunt Cameroonians for about a century because those who are ruling now were the architects of the one party system. Old habits die hard.

The talk of a multiparty system is a smokescreen to hoodwink the international community and financiers that Cameroon is a democratic country. There is no doubt that a semblance of multipartite politics was forced on the CPDM government in 1990 by the SDF in Bamenda.

At that time, some adventurers created NGOs called opposition parties. In the presidential elections of 1992 the SDF beat the CPDM hands down but the army put Biya back in power. General Semengue has said in his book that if Fru Ndi were to take over power in 1992 he would have overthrown him. It was a bitter pill for him to swallow if an Anglophone were president. From then, CPDM deteriorated into election winning machinery once every five years. Elections Rigging Committees were set up for any sham elections and the electorate became frustrated. This is what has caused apathy in voter registration.

These motions of support have resulted in some idiosyncrasies that beat the imagination of right thinking members of the public. When decisions are sometimes taken against the general interest of Cameroonians Motions of support flow in. Thanks to the audio visual media (TV) that we can now see the hypocrites in their true colors. The other day I saw a well respected personality dancing in the glare of television cameras probably to attract President Biya’s attention of his loyalty to the CPDM. In important funeral services one sees these sycophants with pulled faces taking up very vantage positions where TV cameras can easily focus on them. Once the TV Cameras are directed towards them, they weep more than the bereaved.

In a situation like the one we have here, one begins to wonder whether there are intellectuals in Cameroon. An intellectual is supposed to show the less fortunate the way to follow. Unfortunately apart from Ni John Fru Ndi and Cardinal Tumi, everybody has become a follower. No doubt that Cameroon cannot get out of the Economic Crises in 27 years despite the well trained economists that parade the corridors of power. When ones sees President Biya knocking some sense into the skulls of his sycophantic officials at the VIP lounge of the airport, in the name of consultations, that is when we know what shadowy power they pretend to wield.

I know that it is not easy to knock the CPDM down onto its knees since its sycophants have used all the state machinery to crush the leading opposition party, the SDF. Apart from rigging, the SDF is not allowed to organize patriotic demonstrations against societal malpractices which is what has led us into the mess we find ourselves. Its activities in the country are not covered by the official media. Until the CPDM is brought to its knees the monster of Motions of Support will continue. It is only a different regime that can halt these monstrous Motions of Support.

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