Wednesday, September 2, 2009

National Anti-Corruption Committee Survey: Judiciary, National Security, Education, Public Service Ministries Identified as the Most Corrupt

The on-going nation-wide survey carried out by the National Anti-Corruption Committee (NACC) agents, has indicated that the Judiciary, National Security, Education (all its ramifications), Public Service and Finance Ministries stand tall above other Ministries in the country as the most corrupt ministerial departments.

Groupe d’Interet Economique (GIE), a Douala-based consultancy service, which has been commissioned by NACC to carry out the survey in some six Regions of the country viz: Northwest, West, Southwest, Littoral, Centre and Adamawa, was in Northwest from June 16 and 20, 2009 for the survey. After its Regional survey, an enlarged meeting was held in Bamenda with the civil society during which participants re-iterated some government services topping in corruption in the country. In this premise, they instanced the Judiciary, education, public security, finance and National Security.

It was observed that in Cameroon, people were paradoxically victimized or punished for not being corrupt enough. Note was taken of a “born-again” Policeman in Bamenda who was sent on punitive transfer and prohibited from going on road control simply because he refused taking bribe from drivers. The population regretted that in Cameroon, Police collect between 500 ad 1000 FCFA bribe from drivers openly as if it has been legalized.

On the judiciary, the meeting participants were all unanimous that in Cameroon, justice is like any other commodity that could be bought and sold and so any highest bidder wins the case irrespective of the gravity of his crime. What probably irked the population most was the fact that in Cameroon, even kids know the amount (bribe) one has to give to be admitted into professional schools like ENS, school of Administration, amongst others! Harping on the Ministry of Finance, participants posited that the personnel of that Ministry take advantage of the ignorance of the population ad extort money from businessmen.

On the way forward, the visibly incensed population opined that the current regime of Cameroon is very corrupt and should be flushed out through the ballot box. Hear them: “Even the so-called NACC which we are here for, has never done any thing to mitigate corruption in the country ever since its creation. But what can it do when NACC is no different from ELECAM which is manned by members of the ruling CPDM party”. They said NACC is a smokescreen set up by the regime simply to hoodwink the international community into thinking that Cameroon has the intention to fight corruption.

Raymond Onana, the Administrative delegate of Groupe d’Intérêt Economique (GIE) averred that his service was merely an agent sent to carry out the survey on behalf of NACC: “When we are through with our assignment we will table our findings and recommendations to NACC for any action”. He disclosed that out of the six Regions they were assigned to cover, they so far finished with West, Adamawa and Northwest Regions.

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