Friday, September 4, 2009

Nso Fon Warns Against Petition writing

The Fon of Nso, Sehm Mbinglo III has warned the people of Nso against petition writing. He sounded this warning last Friday July 10, 2009, while addressing CPDM militants who paid a courtesy visit to his palace as they concluded their motorized support march for the newly appointed Prime Minister, HE Philemon Yang. The march which started from Mbveh Park to Tobin, Kimbo Squares and finally the palace was led by Shey Ngah Ferdinand, the CPDM Section President for Bui I.

Welcoming the CPDM militants into his palace, the all-intelligent and objective Fon of Nso called on his subjects to shun petition writing, as it was the root cause of under-development. He promised to severely deal with such unproductive people whose goal was to tarnish the image of his people and to draw back prospects of development. He stated that such initiatives as that undertaken by Bui I section were commendable but regretted that the turnout was a deception of his feelings. The Fon, on his part, wondered where Nso people had gone to that the palace was empty. His Royal Highness the Fon of Nso also stated categorically that the PM’s appointment was not an issue of the CPDM alone, but that of every Nso man, an apolitical issue and a matter capable of provoking great joy and expectancy for the Bui Community as a whole. The fon promised to visit the PM before organizing his own thank you ceremony. He thanked the president for turning his eyes towards Bui this time around.

This was followed by the presentation of a motion of support to His Excellency President Paul Biya by the Militants of the Bui I Section, in which they promised their sincere support to him and his new government of June 30, 2009. They called on him to stand as their lone candidate for the 2011 Presidential Election.

After the ceremony the Vanguard Newspaper came in contact with Lukong Alice Tomla, one of the Bui I Exco members and sought to know her feelings about the occasion and she had this to say: “I am very happy and satisfied that Bui Division has been given this special touch to this envious post of Prime Minister”. Asked whether she thought H.E. Yang Philemon was going to deliver the goods, she said that his cheerful and hardworking nature was the necessary ingredients for development in the area and that she was sure that he was the right man at the right place. She also said that the PM was for all and she therefore expected everyone to be there. Asked whether she was satisfied with the turnout of less than 100 people, she said the decision was taken abruptly. This, coupled with the rains, which she took for blessings, also played a part in keeping people away from the occasion. With these she sounded satisfied with the turnout. Asked whether the population could not have been more if it was apolitical, she said everyone could not have had a place in the palace then.

By Tume Humfrey Vernyuy

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