Wednesday, September 2, 2009

NW Lamidos, Ardos Rally Behind Alhadji Danpullo Attribute Mborroros’ Success Story to Danpullo

The Lamindos and Ardos of the North West Region have once more, declared their unflinching support to Cameroon Tea Estate Proprietor, Alhadji Ahmadou Baba Danpullo, for working untiringly towards the well-being of the Mbororo/Fulani people.

In their 2009 general assembly at the Bamenda Congress hall recently, the Lamidos and Ardos, under the umbrella of Northwest Ardos’ Union (NWAU) and the Sociocultural Association for Livestock-breeding and Development in Cameroon (SODELCO), the Mbororo traditional rulers showered praises on Danpullo for always coming to the assistance of the Mbororos. They observed that Danpullo besides working for the unity and well-being of the Mbororos/Fulanis, has personally constructed water supplies, schools and mosques for some Mbororos in the Region. They noted that it was the same Danpullo who initiated both NWAU and SODELCO and is the sole sponsor of the organization’s activities.

On the objectives of NWAU, the President of NWAU and Secretary General, Lamido Ndemnsa and Ardo Yuguda respectively, said NWAU was created to improve on the well-being of the Mbororos, strengthen and protect the Mbororo culture and tradition, strengthen the unity of Mbororos and constitute a forum where better techniques of managing limited grazing land could be carried out and improved pastures.

Harping on SODELCO Ardo Yuguda, who also doubles as the National President of SODELCO, averred that the organization is non-profit making and apolitical. He said its objectives are to better the conditions of the Fulanis; introduce modern methods of cattle rearing, eradicate obnoxious Fulani traditions and culture, promote education in Mbororo/Fulani communities and fight against crime wave and HIV/AIDS amongst the Mbororos. The Chairman of NWAU, Lamido Mamuda Sabga regretted that the Mbororos would have done much in the Region but for the several problems they were facing. He said the problems are lack of finance to carry out projects, rampant cattle theft, drought, and cattle diseases.

Hailing the Mbororo traditional rulers for regrouping under the umbrella of Northwest Ardos’ Union, the second assistant SDO for Mezam, Muma Charles, said through the union, they could solve most of their problems. He enjoined them to use the union to iron out their differences and exchange meaningful ideas in order to forge ahead.

Opining that gone were the days when the Fulanis knew only how to follow cattle in the bush and send the female children on early marriages, Muma Charles who deputized at the meeting for his boss, the Mezam SDO, was elated that today, the Mbororos have jettisoned those obnoxious practices and are today sending many of their children (boys and girls) to school with many of them with degrees today. He hailed Alhadji Danpullo for initiating the creation of SODELCO and NWAU: “Both of which have done so much for the Mbororos of this Region”.

The Lamidos and Ardos unanimously issued an unconditional motion of thanks to the Head of State President Paul Biya, for appointing a son of the soil, Yang Philemon, as Prime Minister and Head of Government and equally maintaining other sons and daughters of the soil in government. They enjoined government to complete the tarring of the Bamenda Ring Road and create a full-fledged state university in the Northwest Region.

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Yaya Yusufa said...

I think this post is all unnecessary and no sense. Baba danbullo is successful person in life he is the key success of the Mborros in the North West of cameroon. He most be highly appreciated and respected .only unfortunat loser people think negative of baba amadou. Without him the Mborros will not even have a land in the north west.

Best regards
Yaya Yusufa of Cape Town

Didier Kuimo said...

Other Cameroonians with financial means and or charisma should follow the example of Danpullo and contribute in the development of their communities. The state cannot meet all the expectations of our various communities and such initiatives like those of Danpullo are of great help to populations.