Wednesday, September 2, 2009

One billion FCFA Disappears

One billion FCFA PIP Fund Allocation for NW Disappears; Central Administration blamed The Northwest Regional follow-up committee of Public Investment Projects (PIP) has cried foul over the disappearance of circa 1,071,616,000 FCFA allocated to the Northwest Region by the Central Administration in 2009.

Presenting his report last July 21, 2009 during the Northwest follow-up committee meeting of Public Investment Projects, the Regional Delegate of MINEPAT, Kighe-Free Abel observed that information concerning projects awarded at the central administrative level including some HIPC projects is still largely unknown to Regional technical services. He noted that the central administration (CA) allocated 1071616000 FCFA for 15 projects in the North West for this year but information about the number of projects completely executed, the ongoing projects including those not executed at all is not known thereby scoring 0% in both the financial and physical rates of execution.

At the Regional and Divisional levels, Kighe-Free stressed that a total of 7,374,635,000 FCFA was allocated for some 728 projects and 368 of them were completely executed, 139 on-going while 221 of the projects were not executed thereby scoring physical execution rate of 42.5%.

Taking the rostrum, the President of the Northwest Regional Follow-up committee of PIP Hon. Awudu Mbaya Cyprain, corrected that projects less than 5 million FCFA are, by law, awarded by the vote holders not tenders board. He attributed the delay of execution of some projects to the delay by some authorizing officers in drawing up tender documents and the late arrival of credit cards for some projects from the Central Administrative Services.

Some services such as GP-DERUDEP executing important rural development projects were reported to be wayward given that they do not keep in touch with concerned Regional Technical Services such as Public works, Basic and Secondary Education so as to harmonize project execution.

Hon. Awudu Mbaya in very strong terms, entreated the paymaster General, all the paymasters of the Region and the Finance controllers to do all in their powers to facilitate the payment of bills of contractors whose jobs have been completed and duly received. He hammered on corrupt practices which do not only hinder the development in the Region and the Nation, but also constitutes a disgrace and ridicules the country in the face of foreign investors.

On PIP problems which could not be handled at the level of the Region, Hon. Awudu said they would be submitted to the National follow-up committee in Yaounde for possible solutions. He commissioned the Regional Delegate of MINEPAT who is a member of the National technical sub-committee to build up solid reports to be submitted to that committee.

By Chifu Edward

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