Friday, September 4, 2009

Open Letter To President Paul Biya On Abortion

Mr. President Sir,


Mr. President, I want you to reflect on what a great loss it would have been to the CPDM and to Cameroon if your mother had aborted you. What a great loss to the Democrats and to America if Barak Obama had been aborted by his mother. The world would not have seen a black man in the white house. In fact if any of us had been aborted by our mothers, we would have missed all the good things of life.

To be is better than not to be.

The world's population as of now stands at 6.707 billion people on this planet. In 1945 after the Second World War the population of the world was about 2 billion. In 10,000 BC the population of the world was just about 1 million. At the creation of man (which could have taken place between 10 million and 10,000 years ago) the population of the world was 2 people : ADAM and EVE. According to the Holy Bible, God blessed them, saying to them, "Be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth and conquer it". "Thou shall not kill". These two people Adam and Eve, man and woman, have been able to fill the earth and now their descendants are today about 6.707 billion people. In fact it is estimated that since man inherited the earth there have been about 110 billion people on the planet.

The human population can only increase through births. Individuals have sought to increase their families for economic reasons as during the agrarian age to enable them produce more food and become rich. Countries and governments have sought to increase their populations in the past by enacting laws and regulations which encouraged Births and discouraged Deaths. The motivations have varied. Governments have been influenced by economic arguments to bolster their working force, so ensuring that the working population was big enough to sustain dependents; they have been persuaded that national defense requires a larger pool from which to recruit troops; and they have been seduced by the notion that national greatness is linked to population.

In 1873 the U.S. Congress enacted the "Comstock Law", which regulated public access to birth control devices, medicines, or information for the next 60 years. It was illegal to distribute any device, (condoms etc), medicine or information designed to prevent conception, this was applicable even to physicians. In Europe totalitarian regimes of far-left and far-right and fascists regimes, imposed taxes on unmarried adults. State loans were giving at weddings, only to be written off when a couple produced children. State childcare and subsidized goods for children were meant to further encourage reproduction. In France in the 1920s, laws were introduced to limit the sale of contraceptives and payments were allocated to women who stayed (giving birth ) at home.

All countries and governments encouraged their population growth, and treated abortion, manslaughter, euthanasia and murder as serious criminal offences, punishable in some cases with the death penalty. The world population increased 4 times faster during the 20th century. In 1945 the world population was about 2 billion, but within the last 64 years the world population is now 6.707 billion. This phenomenal growth of world population has been accompanied by immense wealth, economic development, technological progress and production of surplus food. From 1900 to 2000 world population has almost quadrupled, from 1.6 billion to 6.2 billion, while gross domestic product (GDP) increased 20 to 40 times, allowing the world not only to sustain the larger population, but also to do so at a vastly higher standard of living.

This of course disproved the fallacy of the Malthusian theory that utopia would be spoilt by fertility. That if everybody were happy, fed and peaceful, they would breed until there was not enough food to go round. According to this false hypothesis, this was mathematically inevitable because food supplies increase arithmetically (1,2,3,4…) and population increase geometrically (1,2,4,8…) Malthus was wrong when he said people would starve to death as a result of population growth running ahead of food production; so were the 1970s population-controllers who said massive famines would sweep the populous Third World and wipe out millions. This has been disproved by historical facts. The false Malthusian theory was grasped by the agents of death, and they started advocating "population control" (Contraception, Sterilization, the pill, condoms, abortion etc.)

Mr. President, the fact is that the world has developed so quickly and become so rich because the world population has exploded in the past 64 years, from 2 billion to 6.707 billion today. GDP has increase by nearly 40 times. The world is much richer today than it was 64 years ago despite the great increase in population.

MAN is the centre of development. Development is by people for people. Where there are no people there is no development. This is the basis of economic development. People produce technology and capital; they are discoverers of resources, the makers of communities, cities, the creators of wealth. As the population increases, it creates more needs and demands, forcing economic development and generating wealth. As the population increases, there is demand for more houses, more roads, more cars more schools, more markets, more hospitals etc. Increased population pressure and density provide the impetus for industrialization and development, which do not take place without pressure of expanding population. No population pressure, no development. A fast growing population makes it easier to acquire needed infrastructure like roads, electricity networks, accommodation etc. This is what happened to Europe during the industrial revolution, there was a population explosion in the 18th and 19th centuries. This is what is happening to China and India today. Population density is directly linked to economic development and wealth.

Mr. President , Cameroon is under populated and poor. To develop and get out of poverty we require a dense population like that of our former colonial masters. Today, Germany has a density per square kilometre of 236 people and an income per capita of $46,350. The United Kingdom of Great Britain has a density per square kilometre of 250 people and an income per capita of $45,731. France has a density per square kilometre of 114 people and an income per capita of $32,700.
Cameroon has a density per square kilometre of 39 persons and an income per capita of $2,300. Compare the disparity of population and wealth between us and them. We have all the natural resources and we can acquire all the technology we want for development if only we can increase our population growth and control all the corruption, looting and stealing by functionaries.

Mr. President look at what is happening to all the developed countries including our former colonial master, all of them are trying to increase their populations and stop "population decline" by paying their women to have more children. But they are not succeeding because decades of false propaganda of "over population" have now taken effect and the "contraceptive and abortion mentality" are now part of their lives. They are afraid of the ageing problem, which has a great effect on their declining populations with disastrous economic and societal consequences. Japan is a typical example. The "Industrialize world or Civilize World" have legalized abortion, homosexuality, and other anti-life atrocities, and flouted the Natural Law and God's Divine Positive Law. Today all the "civilized world" is regretting the consequences of ageing and declining population on their economies and wellbeing.

The Maputo Protocol is a veil attempt to stall our population growth, an attempt to slow our economic development. Looking at it closely, article 14 of that protocol is an attempt to destroy marriage, the family and all our moral values and respect for the dignity of life. Abortion is a crime punishable under section 337 of the Cameroon Penal Code. Abortion is against Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: "Every person has a right to life, liberty, and security". The fact that more than 90 countries have abused this fundamental right of man and legalized abortion does not make their action right. We cannot imitate all the evil, all the wrong things, all the stupid things that they do. The colonial days are over, we are masters of our own actions. Abortion is against Cameroon culture, Abortion is against Natural Law, Abortion is against Divine Positive Law, "Thou shall not kill". Abortion is very much against our economic development it stalls our population growth, Abortion is against our Spiritual Interest.

Mr. President, if article 14 of the protocol is not removed, then you must take Cameroon out of the Maputo Protocol.
Mr. President, The Cardinal Democratic Party, and all Cameroonians of goodwill, call on you to withdraw Cameroon from the Maputo Protocol. Cameroonians will never accept the legalization of Abortion, Homosexuality and other anti-life legislation.
Mr. President, we trust that you will pull Cameroon out of this obnoxious Protocol before you go, or the next president after you will do so immediately.

We remain,
Your Excellency,
For Cardinal Democratic Party
Chief A.S. Ngwana,
National Chairman

By Sylvester Gwellem

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