Wednesday, September 2, 2009

SCAPO Mocks Biya’s Rigour and Moralisation Slogan

The Southern Cameroons’ People Organization (SCAPO) has questioned why immorality is presently enveloping La République du Cameroun when President Paul Biya in 1982, promised that his regime was to be guided by “Rigour and Moralisation”. This was against a backdrop of Biya’s signing of the (in)famous Maputo Protocol on Abortion and Homosexuality.

In its Press Release captioned, “SCAPO’S Patriotic Apprehensions On Current Development On Southern Cameroons Territory”, signed by SCAPO Deputy Chairman, Augustine Ndangam and Secretary General, Martin Fon Yembe, SCAPO noted that: “Cameroon is an off-shoot of gross immorality in many aspects despite the fact that its current President declared in 1982 on assumption of office that he was going to guide his regime on the doctrine of Rigour and moralization”. The SCAPO officials observed that today Biya is endorsing the abominable homosexual acts and abortion in his country and has even gone as far as instigating some political church leaders to attack genuine Christians who are afraid that their country is gradually being turned into a Sodom and Gomorrah.

The release stressed that Biya’s acolytes are ready to sacrifice their country’s morality and integrity just to preserve his thrones. On the trifling marches of support for Biya on the streets, SCAPO averred that it is aware of the political undertones surrounding all the marches especially concerning planned Regional, Senatorial and precipitated Presidential elections. It noted that when the final scales would have been peeled from the eyes of the citizens of La République du Cameroun by their Master, France: “They will plunge back into the chaos Southern Cameroons rescued them from in 1961 (the Marquis experience) when she indicated an intention to unite with La République du Cameroun which has never taken place”.

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