Monday, September 28, 2009

SW Principals Sneer at Motion of Support to Biya

Principals of public and private secondary schools in the South west Region as well as Regional Pedagogic Inspectors and some Divisional Delegates staged a scornful mockery of an unpopular motion of support addressed to the President Paul Biya Wednesday, September 3 at BGS Molyko-Buea Gymnasium.

At the close of the first sector conference for secondary education in the region three motions of support were forestalled; one each for the Minister of Secondary Education, the Premier and the Head of State.

As the Principal of GHS Buea, Hannah Etonde Mbua mounted the rostrum and read out the first two motions in that other, each of them spurred the educationalists to bring down the house in applause, leaving no surprise in the faces of onlookers. The atmosphere however ran dead chilly for them when she egged on reading the motion to the President of the Republic, worse so when she reached a particular item. In reading it, she condemned what she called defamation of the President’s character by the French Catholic NGO, France 24 and other media which allege that the President is amassing Cameroon’s wealth illegally.

To the dismay of the Regional Delegate for Secondary Education, Ngundu Francis Mokomba, the principals, regional pedagogic inspectors, and some divisional delegates croaked like frogs while others chattered under their armpits like monkeys to make nonsense of what some of the called baseless defence.

The anarchy that characterised the near end of the motion was however arrested by Ngundu who roared: “I was a little bit disappointed when the motion of support to the President of the Republic was being read. You were laughing mockingly when a particular item of it was being read. Some of you do not know how the system operates. Most of you are even appointed officials. If you want to form your own political party and write your own motions of support, we have no problem with that. I saw some of you laughing wildly and even clapping your hands before the reader could finish. That means that you were mocking. Next time, we will not tolerate that!”

The Vanguard cornered one of the principals who required anonymity for security reasons and quizzed him on the fuss about the motion. “Mr Ngundu should know that we are not chickens. We can paddle our own canoes and tell a B from a bull’s foot,” he waged back. “It is a shame that we come for a pedagogic meeting and it turns out to be a political campaign. People are trying to stage a defence for the President on accusations that carry figures, yet they do not have any figures to counter the accusations. The President himself has not said anything about it. He should declare his assets to clear the rumours if it is,” he fumed. “I sympathise with the RD (Regional Delegate). He is the boss here and could not have done otherwise. He has his position to protect. But I advise him not to cry more than the bereaved,” another principal urged.

By Mua Paul Kum

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