Wednesday, September 2, 2009

US-Based Writer Diagnoses Cameroon Parliament

A Cameroonian US-based writer, Dr. ELonge, has launched the first part of his 2 volume book: ‘The Cameroon Parliament, The Political And Administrative History.’ The book launch took place in the Amphi theatre 750 of the University of Buea Wednesday July 29.

Qualified by academics as a masterpiece, the 8 chapter, 226-page publication looks at the retrospect and the prospect of the Cameroon parliament, delving into its historic reality. According to the reviewer historian, Prof. Lovett Elango, the book which is based on an African experience and follows a contextual historical methodology, portrays that the Cameroon national assembly is yet an unfinished institution. For him, parliament has to be built on the virtues of traditional institutions; decolonize the institution, so to say. He acknowledges that the work was great sacrifice on the part of the author but that it has become a common legacy.

Posing for the chief launcher of the book, Dr. Joyce Endeley pleaded with the author to bring out the role women have played and continued to play in parliament. She visibly say the need for more women to be incorporated in parliament as: “Gone are the days when such structures were just for men.”

Also mounting the rostrum, PCC Moderator Rt Rev. Dr Nyansaku ni-Nku held the author’s move as a courageous one as he delved into a subject that would appear scary to others. The man of God assigned the author to, in the second volume, elucidate the role the church has played in the political life of the nation. Described by the author as his bosom friend, and as having been very instrumental in his settlement in Atlanta, Dr. Agbor Ntui did not however mince words in calling on Elonge to come back to Cameroon and contribute his own quota to nation building.

Advancing reasons for the publication, the author Dr Elonge said he had seen a need for him to write a book and dedicate it to his professors in New York. Besides he had been urged by course from the late Bernard Fonlorn  and the eminent professor Joseph Owona for every individual to write his own history. It should be noted that the book launch was presided at by the Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea Prof. P.K. Titanji and that over 200 copies were sold on the spot at a price of FCFA 10,000 each.

By Mua Paul Kum

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