Friday, September 4, 2009

Why NOWEFU EXCO Meeting Flopped

Fons say Union is Caricature Without Ntumfor. The Saturday July 25 Northwest Fons’ Union executive meeting at Bambui Fons Palace was largely boycotted by the big fons of the Region for several reasons bordering around the former President’s (Fon Chafah) mismanagement of the union and the lackluster attitude of the current President, Fon Aneng Francis of Bafmeng.

Out of the five First class Fons of the Region who are automatically the advisers of the Union, only the Fon of Bafut and Bali Nyongha answered present at the meeting but the duo left for their respective palaces several hours before the meeting wrapped up. Other first class Fons like the Fons of Nso, Mankon and Kom were conspicuously absent from the meeting.

The Fon of Nso, The Vanguard, gathered, absented because he carries grudges against Fons Chafah XI of Bangolan and Aneng Francis of Bafmeng. Our source reported that when Chafah suspended Barrister Ntumfor Nico Halle from NOWEFU for reasons only known to him and the Fon of Nso including other scores of Fons declared their total support for Ntumfor, Fons Aneng and Chafah declared to the media that he (Fon of Nso) was going to be sanctioned. Noting that both Fon Chafah and Aneng were all “quarter heads” (small fons) and shouldn’t have gathered the courage to mock at a first class Fon like Sehm Mbinglo III of Nso, the Fon of Nso our source stressed, resolved to boycott all NOWEFU meetings.

It’s against this background that the Vanguard gathered that the Fon of Nso and all the Fons’ of Bui Division, boycotted NOWEFU Fons’ visit to Prime Minister, Yang Philemon last month. Other Fons who boycotted are said to have been complaining that small Fons have dragged the union in mud and also do not respect the big Fons. They are also complaining that Chafah has not only refused to hand over to his successor, Fon Aneng, but drained the coffers of the union. More vexing is also the fact that during the Fons visit to P.M Yang, Chafah who is no more the President, forced himself to read the speech relegating Fon Aneng to the background.

A cross-section of the Fons accosted, were quick to attribute the boycott of the meeting to Ntumfor’s absence. They opined that when Ntumfor used to be with them, he made it a duty to always foot the union’s bills and pay transport fares for the Fons. “Now that Ntumfor is no more attending our meetings because of the problem Fon Chafah caused, most Fons have decided to boycott because they know that no one will do like Ntumfor”. They said most Fons have threatened to boycott subsequent meetings until Ntumfor comes back to the union.

The Menchum Fons’ messenger, Watoh Kum Clement, who was present at the occasion, complained that he was over-drained by Fons within two months of his crowning. The Saturday July 25 NOWEFU meeting was according to Fon Aneng, to look for ways of raising funds to complete the union’s secretariat.

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