Sunday, October 4, 2009

BADECA West Branch picks new Exco

The Bafoussam branch of the Baba I Cultural and Development association BADECA, of the Ngoketungja Division, North West Region, now have a new executive. The election of the Bureau members recently put Christopher Tiashipu a senior police Inspector as President, Mohtindankem Nah Augustine GS, Mbanya Sulley vice President, Tita Sundany Financial Sec, among others.

The election of the bureau members came after two years serve term headed by Captain Nkipang Evaristus who headed the association for over five years. While campaigning for the post of president before the election, Titashipu Christopher promised to do all in his reach comparing to that of his predecessors He said, for his tenure of office, BADECA West chapter branch, eyes can see for themselves what has been achieved already in the village as far as development is concern.

Nevertheless, speaker after speaker after the election pressed the effort by the former president Captain Evaristus of his development Endeavour since his reign as president. The election of the new bureau has been watered by the village paramount ruler Fon Fuekshi II who came visiting in the West region. During the Bafoussam stop, the paramount ruler of Baba I cautioned the new executive to be ready to make sacrifices by assisting the mother BADECA in the development of the clan.

By Emmanuel Wambo in Bafoussam

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