Sunday, October 4, 2009

CBC Youths Warned Against Cultic Practices

Youths of the Bethel Field of the Cameroon Baptist Convention CBC have been warned against cults and occult practices. The warning came during the maiden Bethel Field Youth Camp that held at Baptist High School, Mankon, Bamenda from 27 to 31 July. The theme of the camp was “Having the heart and hands of Christ in a decaying society” drawn from Philippians Chapter two verses six and seven.

Speaking to Bethel Field Youths at the five day camp on the topic “Youths and Occultism” Pastor Mbanga Peter said the practices of occult and cult groups are secret and hidden, “while cult groups present themselves as Christians whereas they are not, occult groups out rightly demand the souls of relatives and loved ones”. Pastor Mbanga said.

Cults, the man of God said preach the gospel in a distorted manner and completely deny the deity of Jesus Christ. Pastor Mbanga cited institutions like Jehovah Witnesses, New Apostolic, Christian Science amongst others as cult groups. According to him, these groups present themselves as Christians groups but when one gets inside, he or she discover that they are something else.

Pastor Mbanga mentioned three major occult groups including the psycha discerning group dealing with astrology and fortune telling; the paganism group that practices idol worship and lastly the spiritism group involving witches and wizards.

The man of God said one gets involved in such devilish groups either voluntarily or involuntarily. The way out of cult and occult groups is only through Jesus Christ who is the way, the truth and the life, Pastor Mbanga told the youths.

In another presentation titled “Youths and Fashion” Rev. Munjoh Patrick said Youths of today want to bring the western culture into the church. He cited the wearing of trousers by girls as a practice copied from the west. Rev. Munjoh urged the youths to be descent in their dressing and general behaviour so as to give glory to God.

The main speaker at the camp, Pastor Kitcha Emmanuel drilled the youths to discover the heart and hands of Jesus as found in the scripture. He urged the youths not to conform with the things of the world but to look unto Jesus Christ and he will provide all their needs.

Speaking to The Vanguard newspaper, Bethel Field Youth President Achu Dieudonne Teken said his priority for the youth department was to promote spiritual growth amongst members, encourage membership increase, and sustain financial growth for the department.

He said his vision for the nearest future: "Was to come out with a poultry, a piggery and acquire a grinding mill”.

By Yusuf Yerima

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