Thursday, October 22, 2009

Grand Style Celebration Creation Of GSS

Eka Inhabitants Celebrate Creation Of GSS In Grand Style. Following the Hon. Minister of Secondary Education’s recent creation of Government Secondary Schools, Widikum Sub Division and Momo West Constituency in general received its own big share. In less than two years , and through the efforts of Hon Enwe Francis Abi, Widikum Sub Division has G.T.C, Larinji in Menka, G.S.S Bifang, G.S.S Eka in Bussam, G.S.S. Azem, G.B.S.S Widikum and G.S.S. Olorunti.

As those concerned, express their joy in their own style, the people of Ambombo, Ngalla and Eka in Bussam in Widikum Sub Division, the main beneficiaries of G.S.S Eka were exceptionally grateful to the government. This history-making occasion took place on Sunday 16th August 2009 commencing with a thanksgiving service at the Presbyterian Church Eka presided by Pastor Teneng Lucas Tah. Immediately after service, the Eka town Hall was full to capacity.

To express their appreciation for a job well done, Hon. Enwe Francis was extended an invitation to join them in their jubilations. At his arrival at 1.45 p.m., and after a brief curtsey call at the Eka Fon’s Palace, Hon Francis was escorted to the ceremonial ground by the Alleluia Choir of P.C Eka. Waiting anxiously to receive him were Fon Negbor Oscar of Ambombo, Barrister Angoh Angoh Jacob,Councilor Daba Ricahrd, all the quarter Heads, cross section of Eka internal and external elites. After a word of prayer by Mr. Ntah Barnabas, the Anthem was sung.

In his brief but well worded address, Fon Angih 11 Gideon Aguatong of Eka, expressed his sincere thanks to Hon. Francis for a work well done. Councillor Daba Richard got up immediately and handed to Hon Francis a letter of appreciation to the Government and an application for G.S.S Eka to take off in the academic year 2009/2010.

The peak of the occasion, came when Barrister Angoh Angoh Jacob got up and narrated to the entire population the uphill task involved in achieving something of this nature. The hall was shaken to its foundation when the Barrister addressed Hon Francis as a 'Fighter Lion'. He however denounced the attitude of some misguided persons who attempted to cause some disunity among the Bussam people. “We are one, and must continue to remain one in order to defeat our detractors. “We have asked the Minister permit our school to take off this year” he told the people. And continued: “It’s a formidable task that demands the financial and moral support of everybody” he concluded.

Hon. Francis took the floor and thanked the people immensely for the invitation and hectic reception accorded him. “I will do more, but much depends on your prayer and support”, He said: “But remember that I have one of the largest constituency, made up of seventy two villagers, so if I stay without coming here, don’t think you’re out of my mind” Much had been said by Barrister Angoh Angoh Jacob, but he however cautioned the people to contribute enough money, and contribute it quickly to enable you renovate the existing structures in time if the school is to start this year. He again thanked the people for their kind reception.

As if to pray for their brother, the Christian Men Fellowship (CMF) group of P.C. Eka , sang an inspirational song that drew emotional tears of joy from everybody . “I know the plan I have for you, - plans to prosper you declares the lord”; “though rising tides and storm may rage - yet God holds the future in his hands” I observed Hon Francis relax and gain more confidence as he watched his brothers pray to him through the song. “Though weary be the road ahead; God holds the future in his hands”. They seem to understand the tiring nature of Hon Francis duties as Abangson Emmanuel, Abia Joseph, Tanyi Daniel and colleagues admonished him to 'keep close to him and trust his love'. It was a happy day and true, Hon Francis was happy but the inspired C.M.F Choir urged him to “be happy all day long”. And as Hon Enwe Francis left Eka at 4 p.m. on that memorable day; true to the point, he was happy all day long!

By Menge Athanasius Atou


Anonymous said...

great to hear about this archivenment

tambe said...

Thanks to Hon Enwe Francis for his fight in YAOUNDE for the seek of his people in Widikum sub division and Olorunti in particular.In the behave of Olorunti people,I the son and native of Olorunti,am happy for your effort.Though as human being desires,we expect more and more,and will support your efforts.We will not forget that our president His excellency Paul Biya who have not put down our cries for development,to also extend greetings and long live Cameroon.