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Hon Banadzem Builds Human Resource Base for Kumbo

Against a backdrop of an ever-increasing number of vulnerable children and threats of social ills that might emerge in Bui Division in years ahead due to neglect of orphans, Hon Dr.Banadzem has embarked on granting of scholarships to these classes of children in a bid to step up the human resources of the Division.

It is for this reason that Hon Dr. Banadzem Joseph, strongly believes that “Helping an orphan now is helping our society tomorrow”. Owing to the fact that education is the best and eternal treasure a parent can give his child, Banadzem hold strongly that “going to school is the first of Children’s Rights even for orphans”. It is with this in mind that he has called on all and sundry to “make orphans school Children, do not leave them as Street Children” as they may become a threat to social cohesion of the society.

This thought-provoking and pathetic appeal of the Member of Parliament for Bui Central-Hon Banadzem Joseph to the entire community and the nation was made on Thursday September 3, 2009 at the Kumbo Council hall on the occasion of “Back to school programme for some orphans of in Kumbo-Bui division North West Region.”

The annual ambitious programme which started five years ago under the canopy of an NGO - Kumbo Development and Orientation Centre in which he is the lords has gaining more strength as apart from the increasing number of orphans every year, the number of well-wishers and donors is increasing yearly. This is apparently due the clinical use of what we might call the widow’s mite and the huge amount of human and material investment of the MP in this sphere.

Every year Hon Banadzem injects millions of francs in the programme with or without from the general public The Vanguard gathered .Over four millions francs has been invested in this year’s programme for the benefit of two hundred and thirty (230) pupils. Each and every one of them went back home with exercise books, rulers, pens pencils and five thousands francs for the school fees amongst others exigencies.

The mammoth crowd and the enthusiasm and words of appreciation expressed by beneficiaries during the occasion indicated that the gesture was a stitch in time as many Cameroonians of the rural world live below poverty level.

Hon Banadzem’s initiative, and other development projects either ongoing or propounded for Bui Division by both the MP, The Council, Strategic Humanitarian Service (SHUMAS) other NGOs and astute elite, blends Bui people as visionaries, a people conscious of the future of their children, generations to come and the challenges of the 21 century, the Senior Divisional Officer (SDO) for Bui Division Panjouono Daniel appraised.

In keeping with norms of project management, the MP gave clinical statistics of what was donated by other well-wishers for the success of the occasion. He gave kudos to especially Bui Family Union (BFU) of USA that donated seven hundred and forty thousands francs (740.000frs) CFA, for this exercise, BFU of Georgia, Britney Sandquist (Dickson College Pennsylvania USA,Terence Cudney (Dickson College Pennsylvania USA and professor G V Fanso not withstanding.

Rekindling the myth of the HIV AIDS pandemic, the MP lamented that most of the orphans were children of parents who died of AIDS.” Who knows if some of the children are patients them selves?” he wondered aloud. It is for this reason that he called on other MPs nation-wide to assist, not only the orphans, but the “have nots” less-privileged, to pre-empt societal crimes that come with illiteracy and inability to live up to expectation.

Although the programme is limited to primary school pupils as at now, plans are on the way to extend the programme to secondary schools in the near future. Other components of the programme he said have to do with Health Care with MHO Kumbo, Purchase of other school needs like uniforms, shoes, textbooks amongst others.

In a bid to further improve on the lot of vulnerable children, KUDOC intends to twin with the Opportunities Industrialized Centre –OIC “to extend our concern beyond the primary schools and make some orphans integrate into professional life speedily” the MP said.

Children who had not registered before September 3, 2009 and those reaping from other social organizations were not privileged to harvest from the gesture. He appreciated the administration, the council and others who answered present at the occasion.

Quizzed on some of the problems faced by KUDOC, the MP said some of the parents are making a market from the programme as “they gather children who are not orphans to deceive the NGO for selfish reasons, while others siphon the liquid cash destined for payment of school fees. Apart from that, some of the orphans are not aware of their social concern and dying undiscovered.

The SDO on his part exhorted the guardians of the orphans not to divert the use of the money for selfish reasons. He hailed the Member of Parliament for giving both meaning and a human face to politics. He said .In a chat with the press he observed that community spirit is very developed in the Division. He cited a plethora of organisations vested in humanitarian services in the Division. He said government is in support of all development endeavours that could improve on the lots of the citizens. Development, he went on is participatory.

The Mayor of Kumbo Council Njong Donatus on his part hailed the MP and other donors for assisting the orphans in their academic needs. “For the MP to think about these destitute children at this time money is hard to come by, I am very elated and want to thank and congratulate them for the good will gesture,” he said.

He said his council has also been assisting the vulnerable in its own little way. Njong said two months holidays jobs for a stipend of CFA20.000 frs are offered to orphans every year to enable them meet up with some of their academic needs. That not-withstanding, the mayor said Kumbo council is corroborating such humanitarian programmes of the MP by twinning with other social organisations to assist vulnerable children in a bid to reduce the burden of KUDOC.

Officials from the ministry Basic Education and Social Affairs lauded the initiative of the MP which according to them falls in line with government actions.

By Chifu Edward

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