Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mbinon In The Heat Of Community Development

Mbinon is one of the most prominent villages that make up the Noni tribe in Noni Sub-Division in Bui Division of the North West Region. It shares boundaries with the Nso tribe and in the South and North with the Wimbum tribe of Donga-Mantung Division. Mbinon has a committed population of over 7,000 inhabitants ruled by two Fons (of Kii and Tfum) and a Sub-chief of Bvutangii and other “Fais” and title holders who give them due assistance. The population involves in varied agricultural activities. It produces the best palm wine in the tribe and beyond. The village is popular in the tribe for solidarity and team work.

The granting of the Mbinon Community Action Centre project by GP-DERUDEP at an estimated cost of well over 26 millions francs has been a true test off the people’s communal spirit. No doubt, it has made their donor extremely proud; and the contractor, Ndifor Samco so elated as the project is realised in record time.

As per the grant, GP-DERUDEP has about 21 million francs to spend while the villagers had to supply labour worth over 5.2 million francs. The estimated 10,000 mud blocks was shared among the major families of Bvudvung; Bvukuw; Bvutang; Kimah and Mujei. In a short while, the families challengingly came out with more than their assigned number of blocks.

At the distance of over 7 km which the people had to trek, 20 loads of stones were dug out. In another 6 km distance, the people removed over 20 loads of sand. The estimated over 2,508 timber sown in some parts of the Mbinon wide natural forest at the distance of 8 km from the village was transported mostly on the head especially by the men folk.. Some women equally dared this very tedious exercise.

Come too think of the foundation, the people unanimously dug and levelled it manually. Worthy of note here is that, very old men and many expectant women who could not strain spent much time at the site to appreciate those working while others brought food and palm wine to entertain those working as their own contribution. It was marvellous and exciting. Communal work choruses were chanted to animate the labour. It was enjoyable to be present and very regrettable too be absent.

Sons and daughters of Mbinon who reside far off from the village and even in the Diaspora gave very generous financial and moral assistance. this was done easily through the umbrella development association, the Mbinon Development Association (MBIDDA).In view of this grant from GP-DERUDEP, during the 2008 annual fund raising of MBIDA, for the first time, the people contributed over 1.6 million francs on the spot.. This amount has greatly helped in the transportation of stones, sand and timber to the project site. As a sign of that communal spirit on the part of external elite, when MBIDA’s national President, Nformi Willibroad Bime announced that they had ran short of money and it might delay the project; money started flooding in from the various branches and individuals.

During the last fund-raising in December 2008, the individuals showed the sense of belonging to Mbinon given that home is home. This is fast giving positive responses from the Diaspora. The AGM for this year scheduled for 26th of December, 2009, and planned to be hosted in the newly constructed Mbinon Community Action Centre is expected to bring in contribution from all the kith and kin of Mbinon. Presence is expected to be marked financially and then physically.

In fact, most worthy of note during the construction is the communal spirit exhibited by the Mbororos who now fully consider themselves part of the village. They took part at every stage of the project. Of recent, they have been not only very active in community development, equally in sending their children in the Primary and Secondary schools of the village.

It should be noted that the GP.DERUDEP’s grant of the Community Action Centre is not the first community task of the people. But that it came to resuscitate that communal spirit that virtually left the people at the cause of inexplicable feud, some years back. Some of the projects the people had earlier obtained as a result of their communal efforts include: the digging of some of their major roads; the pipe borne, the Mbinon Catholic Primary School; the Health Centre; their Primary Schools and presently the Mbinon Community College (MCC) getting too its second year. In fact, were it not of the family feud that robbed the village of its expected development, it should have been a “small London” in the area. Nevertheless, since the people have chosen to bury the hatchet and glory in development, it is hoped that with that same communal spirit, the village will be different and an envious ambience worth living in, in the nearest future. The people strongly believe in the slogan “God (government) helps those help themselves” With their commitment, they are once more challenging either GP.DERUDEP or government to try them with another project be it classroom construction and why not electrification.

By Wamey Panky

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