Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mother, Son drown mysteriously in Bamenda

There was a pandemonium at Bamenda old town Monday September 7, 2009 following the discovery of the corpses of Madam Emaculate Lumshi, 31, who drowned with her son Megans. Mandam Lumshi mysteriously drowned with her son on Sunday September 7 at about 2:00 p.m in a small Ayaba stream that runs behind Ayaba Hotel through SNEC office.

It rained heavily up Mendankwe but it did not rain down town. Lumshi, a popular Achu seller along Ayaba Street, was washing dresses in the small stream with her son. Little did she know it had rained heavily that afternoon upland. Little did poor Lumshi know Sunday was her last day on earth!

The story goes that. Lumshi and Meagan had been quietly washing their dresses in preparation for re-opening of the school year on Monday while she noticed the volume of water was increasing rapidly. She carried some of the clothes she was washing to go and keep aboard the stream before coming to rescue the others. By the time she turned round the stream had carried Megans and was moving. In her state of confusion she rushed into the stream to rescue the child. Unfortunately the current of water was already too strong and swept the two of them.

Eye witness told The Vanguard Monday September 7, 2009 at the residence of the deceased at Old Town - Bamenda that they were amazed by the sudden increase of the volume of the water when it had not rained in town. It did not occur to them that something had happened. It was not until dawn that they discovered that Lumshi and the son who went to the stream to wash their dresses had not come back. It was then that they went to the stream just to discover concluded that she was swept away by water. The search started that night but Lumshi and son were only discovered the next day by the army rescue unit at about 11 00 on Monday at Mulang.

Lumshi, mother of four was married, had twins with her husband who works with New Life Super Market Bamenda. She was popularly known as ‘Manyi'.

By Chifu Edward

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