Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mysterious Fire Causes Panic In Bafoussam

A block of buildings containing over 12 stores at a popular round about known as BIO opposite the Bafoussam Central Market called by its French acronym “Marché A” the morning breaking Saturday 22 August was mysteriously on flames.

Some of the eye witnesses who spent the night in a night club behind the house caught by the fire accounted that as early as 4:30 am, they noticed smoke coming out of a store. As minutes passed by, the smoke persisted. The Bafoussam fire fighting brigade was called for rescue and never turned up.

It was said that the owner of the said store was alerted but he never showed-up. All thanks to the help of the father of Jeremie Njitap the footballer who offered free water for the fire to be put-off.

The source of the fire is not yet known by press time but this reporter got rumours about the incident that the mysterious fire resulted from some heavy machines which were secretly hidden behind the house used for the fabrication of some materials.

By Emmanuel Wambo, Bafoussam

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