Sunday, October 11, 2009

New Directress To Revamp Activities In CEAC Bambui

Since the creation of Community Education Action Centre (CEAC) Bambui, the inhabitants of the areas for which CEAC was created being Kedjom Ketinguh, Bambili, Bambui and Kedjom Keku either due to ignorance have benefited very little or just nothing especially women and youths despite the many training and other facilities that have been made available for them at the centre.

It was as a result of this rather unfortunate situation that with the arrival of a new Directress Madam Awondu Emilia, whose mission is to revamp the CEAC’s activities, that a meeting was recently held in the Tubah Council hall recently. The meeting brought together CEAC management Committee members, NGO and other invitations.

In his opening remarks, the Lord Mayor of Tubah Municipality, Sofa Meji Stanislaus was fully satisfied and appreciated the presence of these members from their various villages, NGO’s and other invitees. He urged them to transform their actions into reality being constructive and objective during the brief meeting whose principal agenda point was to bring CEAC to its rail from its present slumber for the good of these villagers and their community as a whole.

During the meeting participants disclosed that the main cause of their present fate with CEAC was due to lack of education, as the population remains ignorant as to the role of the centre. For the centre to be up to its mission, participants with one voice resolved to carryout an intensive educational tour to these villages and if possible from quarter to quarter for proper education. The tour as agreed is expected to end in October 2009 to be followed with the training of CEAC management committee members in December 2009.

On her part, the Divisional Chief of Service for Community Development Mezam, Madam Gwanforbe used the meeting forum to introduce to participants madam Awondu Emilia as the new Directress of CEAC Bambui. She appealed to them to lend her a good hand of fellowship what will enable her to use her rich experiences for the good of the centre and Tubah as a whole.

Closing the meeting CEAC Committee management chairman Mayor Tanjong Martin thanked participants for the sense of purpose they demonstrated during the meeting, which was enough evidence that they have the survival of CEAC Bambui at heart. He then appealed to them to effectively put into full use the knowledge so gained at the meeting for good results to be obtained from their respective villages and areas of action. Another fervent appeal from mayor Tanjong was for the Divisional Chief for Community Development Mezam was that his municipality should always be thought of in all her actions and programmes. He finally declared his committee’s willingness to lend to the new Directress of CEAC Bambui their fullest collaboration. The CEAC Bambui management committee members are Messer’s, Tanjong martin, Awondu Emilia, Peeters Tabaah, Bijengsi Jerome, Justina Anyeshenui and Regina Mokom who are the Committees Chairman, Secretary, Vice, Treasurer, Financial Secretary and Assistant.

By Chungong Anthony

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