Thursday, October 22, 2009

We should Not Use Blackmail as A Weapon

Hate and hatred are defined as ‘intense hostility and aversion’. Of course it is good to have intense aversion and hostility toward things that are harmful to personal relationships. If everyone had this kind of constructive hatred, the world will truly be a better place in which to live. Sadly, however imperfect humans tend to hate the wrong things for wrong reasons. Destructive hatred is based on prejudice and misinformation –trigged by fear, anger and sense of injury.

People are inherently selfish. And selfishness, if not kept under control can turn into hatred. People who hold privileged positions in the community may have no reason to hate those in lowly place positions, even if they do, they have no cause to panic. After all, the lowly place cannot pose a threat during appointment in high positions. In politics, this is the prime cause of rivalry, bitterness and hatred. To be more successful, some politicians tarnish the reputation of their rivals. How do they do this? Through ‘BLACKMAIL’

Blackmail is one of the effective weapon used by weaker persons to fight stronger opponents. When new and popular leaders emerge, they threaten the old order causing a power tussle at the top. Many fading politicians do not accept the presence of young popular opponents especially the crowd-pullers. When this happens, they turn to the only option left –Blackmail. The weapon used to destabilise strong rival. Yes Blackmail a product of accumulate hatred; a cousin to jealousy. Though crude from the moral point of view, it remains a lethal weapon in the hands of fading politicians to fight formidable colleagues. A useful tool in tarnishing one’s reputation; useful in crippling one’s popularity; useful in deflating ones ego; useful in destroying ones ambitions. Yes!, useful in soiling ones social standing –all humiliation. They use defamatory language and go down to the extent of gossiping instead of discussing issues.

Blackmailers incite others to criticise and write against their opponents. They generate hatred and tension, an atmosphere difficult for reconciliation. One of their characteristic is that they lie low and direct others to tell lies against their victims. Cunning as they are, they even pretend to love their prey, and at times offer kisses as Judas did. However, blackmailers have their bad fate: - they hardly go unknown.

But whatever the situation, the blackmailed, the blackmailers and the society suffers at the end. When your leaders, the torch bearers of the community debase themselves before their masses, where do they turn to at the end? What will they tell the electorate when time comes? When opposing camps are built up resulting from their action, how do they reconcile the people?

When you soil your son/brother by inciting people to turn against him; and succeed in your action by pushing him off the stage, do you replace him? Or you’re just satisfied because he doesn’t belong to the “Political Pharisees Club” of the area where all such leaders must come from.

Anyone who ventures into something awaits positive results, so do blackmailers after blackmailing. The positive results may please only the few and not the masses. You can chose your friends but not your neighbour because while you quarrel with your friend and part, you’ll always s move back home with your neighbour even after a fight. Show a little kindness please.

By Menge Athanasius Atou

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