Sunday, October 11, 2009

Who Has Derailed Democracy In Cameroon?

Democracy can only thrive in an educated society. We all know that Ahidjo, the first President of Cameroon was a graduate of a “Superior Primary School” Ecole Primaire Superior” This means that he had learnt and inherited very little from Western Education. This is why he looked for all means to kill Multipartism in order to avoid criticisms. He succeeded in doing so in 1966 when he crushed all the parties and formed the CNU.

With the death of Multipartism, Ahidjo reintroduced a Feudal System which Muslims are associated with. It was not just a one party system but Feudalism at its best which has persisted up to now even in the hands of educated Southern Christians.

What I am saying is that the Northern Regions have derailed the Democratic process more than any region in Cameroon. Motions of Support are an inherited form of Griotism from Northerners. They are a people who believe that the leaders or Lamidos are given by Allah and are always right in what they say or do.

From experience, Northerners always join the bandwagon last or when their so called leaders tell them to do so. They allowed their leaders to think for them during the 1990 political agitation in Cameroon. They did not seem to understand what the hell the agitation in the Southern part of the Country was all about. Taking into consideration their level of “Scholarisation” it took a long time for Political chameleons like Bouba Bello Magari, Dakole Daisala, Mustapha, Anter Gasagai, Isa Tchiroma Bakary etc. to sensitise then to know what was wrong with the present regime.

That apart, during the June 2008 riots the Northerners did not just understand what was happening in the South. Nothing took place there even though 95 percent of them are not just poverty stricken but also pictures of misery. They lack nearly everything under the sun yet because of ignorance they do not know.

It is inconceivable that their political leaders like the ones mentioned above have at one time or the other rescued a man whom they wanted to kill in 1984. Nothing fails like a failed coup. They learnt this bitter lesson in 1984. It is true that these are a set of people who never forgive which is why they are fighting hard to regain the power they lost in 1982. God forbid. With all that has been said above, there is no doubt that the Northerners have derailed, frustrated and stalled the democratic process in this country. Nomadic education could play the trick since democracy can only succeed in an educated society. Nomadic people need Nomadic teachers to follow them where the cows eat.

All the blame cannot go to the Northerners Francophone political leaders have from their statements and deeds proved that they are not a people to be counted on. Most if not all of them have no principles which is why they are easily dribbled. Their general problem is the fear of an Anglophone taking over the mantle of power in this country. This explains why they have all gone back to join the C.P.D.M Government which they have once castigated. Their problem is the “S.D.F” which they say is an Anglophone party. This means that the CPDM is a Francophone party. With an Anglophone as president, tribalism, Corruption and inertia will not be tolerated. Cameroon will stand up and be counted among the great nations of Africa or the World.

We all are witnesses to what has happened to the five sacked Bank Manager in Nigeria. Within one week, the corrupt Bank Managers have coughed out money, three times more than the budget of Cameroon. Arresting and locking up people is not the answer. What is wanted is the forceful Recovery of the stolen money in a firm manner as the Nigerian Government is doing. More and more stolen money is coming in and some of those arrested have been granted bail to go out and bring back all the stolen money.

The Anglophones have in their own small way derailed the Democratic process. As a marginalised group, they could have built up an impregnable united front. What have we seen? Greed, back-stabbing, Mutual suspicion and blackmail which have rendered them vulnerable to all forms of intrigues. If Biya’s divide and rule tactics have succeeded anywhere in this country, it has been in the Anglophone Regions. Every one wants to be appointed a Minister or Director and the only weapon used is blackmail.

Those who formed the leading apposition party, SDF were the first to start to tear it down to shreds. Why not stay there and correct the weaknesses in spite of the frustrations? When people start jumping from one church to another there is every reason to believe that they lack faith and principles in what they are doing. Nobody is an Angel on earth. It is left to Cameroonians to go back to the drawing Board and map out a strategy on how to kick this regime out which has become a liability to Cameroonians.

By Sylvester Gwellen.

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