Saturday, October 17, 2009

Who Killed Misaje CPDM Section President?

The death of Alhadji-Magaji Seidou, the Donga-Mantung IV Cameroon people Democratic Movement (CPDM) Section President and Veteran worker at the Dumbu cattle range last August 25, 2009 has raised a lot of dust in the area. There has been counter accusations on who must have killed the easy going and Political Squealer. Most people think his death was untimely and very much precipitated.

At both his political seat of Misaje and his Dumbu work place, fingers have been pointing at his political adversaries and equally some top personalities at his work place. Some of the rumour mongers hold his death on his personal high ambitions; the strong zeal to rise in politics and at work place.

It is therefore, alleged that with his age experience at the Dumbu Cattle range. Alhadji Seidou Magaji had been mounting all forces to climb at the helm of the range. It is told that before the present manager of the range, the Battle to topple the management raised a fierce scuffle between the former Manager and late Alhadji Magaji to an extent they could not see eye to eye. And that when he caused his boss to be dislodged, he ahead counted himself blessed.

The story is told that when someone else was appointed rather than him, the battle was intensified. Really, while he was eyeing the Manager’s office others were seriously eyeing his own office, and viewing his long stay at the Range as a hindrance to their promotion.

In politics, it is hinted that despite Alhadji Magaji’s trickish defeat in 2007 from being the Mayor of Misaje, he had been posing a lot of challenges and his activities given his popularity in the area were indicative that in the forth coming election, the political no nonsense squealer was not going to spare the Council.

It should be remembered that Alhadji Magaji Seidou almost grabbed the office of the Mayor of Misaje during the 2007 municipal elections were it not that the present Mayor, Mr. Simon Nkenda Sunday smartly used the “son – of –the- soil” strategy. He worked overnight by alerting the Councilors that Alhadji Magaji, although having lived in Misaje for long was from Mbot in Nkambe Central Sub – Division. He wondered why they should vote a stranger to rule them. He had to whip the people’s sympathy to choose their own son. (himself).

So the next day during elections, despite the millions he had spent to tip the Councilors, Alhadji Magaji was shocked that the tables turned at the last minute against him. He felt disgruntled and stressed up. It is on this count it is told that he vowed to frustrate the Council to pave his way in, during the next round of municipal election. And that this political adversaries had also vowed that his plans would never see the high of the day.

Talking to the Misaje Mayor, Mr. Simon Nkenda Sunday, he dismissed the rumour as the work of his detractors and trouble makers. To him, this was just like raising dust during the rainy season. Nevertheless, the Mayor expressed that he was most grieved for the death of his ambidextrous politician, and more so because Alhadji Magaji was his most reliable councilors.

He admitted that after failing the election into the Mayorial seat, Alhadji Magaji was like any human being, depressed. And that shortly after the election, he manifested his frustration in a luck warm attitude towards the political and Council activities of the area. “Despite his cold attitude 1 was not much disturbed because it was like him. He was never a noise –makers. So I had no problem with him”. Expressed Nkenda!

However, the Mayor disclosed that when this luck warm attitude persisted, they were brought to settle matters on the table by their own brother Dr. Calistus Fuh Gentry, the Secretary of state for Mines Energy and Technological development. Things according to him went back on the rails and they began to interact to the fullest.

On whether he dislodged his position to become the Mayor, Mr. Simon Nkenda said it was far from that. He confided that things were earlier on at the start of that political season arranged. Alhadji Magaji, Seidou was to be the Section President which he himself was anxious to grab. He said to consolidate that position, it was also agreed that should the CPDM win in Misaje, Re, Simon Nkenda was to be the Mayor.

He equally admitted that when the CPDM won the Council, Alhadji Magaji who was the Section President again express the desire to be the Mayor. At this juncture, the people only reminded him of the “Gentlemanly agreement” they had earlier and so the terms were merely respected giving him the Mayor ship University Central Hospital (CUSS) Yaounde where the Doctor discovered that it was already too late and that his father, would not survive. At this juncture he said, he was only left on pain –killer drugs until he finally gave up his ghost.

Seidou remarked that his father was God-fearing, generous and the one who had always strived to the right. “According to our Islamic custom, we do not believe in Witchcraft but that God has a hand in every happening. We will rather be angry with anybody who points at anybody for our father’s death. Allah knows better”. Seidou expressed. The air of suspicion on the death of the Donga- Mantung IV CPDM Section President, Alhadji Magaji Seidou seems to be settling down with the son’s interview played regularly over the new Savannah Frontier Radio Nkambe.

By Wamey Panky

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