Monday, November 30, 2009

Beaten while trying to buy a phone in Fiango

A young man whose name The Vanguard got as Peter who came to Kumba further his study was recently beaten in Fiango for wanting to buy a phone. This boy who came from one of the neighboring villages in Kumba decided to get a new handset for himself but unfortunately for him he fell in the hands of the wrong people.

He went to Bagdad -what’s in a name?- a rough quarter in Fiango where phones are sold. On reaching there he met a guy who opted to give him a good hand set for twelve thousands francs (12.000frs).

He then followed the said phone dealer into his shop where he showed him a Nokia phone and asked him to give him the 12.000 FRS. Peter told the phone dealer to manipulate it in order for him to know if the phone is okay or not. The phone dealer simply told him that the phone was okay and that he should give him the money quickly adding he hadn’t enough time on his side.

Peter was however very curious to know why the boy does not want to manipulate the phone. With Peter’s persistence the dealer simply called one of his collaborators who just looked at the phone and told Peter that the phone is okay. He tried convincing Peter to give the money without hesitating.

As stubborn as Peter could be to the boy, he refused giving them the money and wanted to leave for another phone shop. Out of a sudden the phone dealer and his companion got so angry and started beating Peter. He got so confused as he couldn’t understand why he was being beaten.

He started shouting for help to no avail as the phone dealer had called so many friends over to deal with Peter. Fortunately for Peter, some other guys came over and rescued him. before he could know it, he had neither the phone nor the money because boys at Bagdad had collected it.

Peter sustained some injuries from the fight. It should be noted that Bagdad in Fiango has been noted for such activities even in brought day light.

By Jani Colette

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