Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dr. Dewah condemns Auto-medication

Cameroonian’s leading Tradi-practitioner, Dr. Dewah, has condemned in very strong terms auto-medication (self-treatment) saying it is very dangerous, advising the public to consume only drugs prescribed by a doctor. The strong man of modern traditional medicine spoke to The Vanguard recently in Cameroon.

“When I talk of self-treatment, I mean this form of treatment that a person who is sick does not want to consult any doctor for one reason or the other”. He attributes this practice to poverty; stigmatization and ‘over sabi’ (Know all attitude).

“This form of treatment,” he says, “is dangerous because the person who embarks on it erroneously believes he/she knows the problem and since the medicine helped some other person in a similar situation it is equally going to help him/her.”

“The person who goes in for such medication,” he explains, “is taking a great risk because a situation may be similar, but not the same. The person may take the right medicine, but the dosage may be wrong. This may not only be a waste of money, but could complicate the person’s health situation. Quite often, persons taking such medication decide to consult a doctor only when the health situation had become complicated. Because money had already been wasted on auto-medication, the person may not be able to pay for the proper treatment.”

Dr. Dewah seized the opportunity offered him in the Sunday newsletter of him by the Parish Priest of St. John’s Church in Kumba town, and explained how Special Mobis and 200-Diseases Cure for various health problems would be made available to parishioners across the nation at a reduced rate for the well-being of fellow Parishioners. He also seized the opportunity to extend his modest contribution to St. Mary’s Parish, Balikumbat, North West Region, exceptionally for the Christians of these Parishes.

“Any interested Parish, according to the message, can make a request. One item of the medicine will be maintained at the normal price, except for all treatments through consultation. Parishioners will benefit 20% discount."

Dr. Dewah ends his message by praising the Newsletter which he says is the only medium through which he can get to the large family of the Catholic Church. “Always buy this Newsletter for more information from Dr. Dewah and Bros Modern Traditional Clinic it states.”

By Chifu Edward

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