Monday, November 30, 2009

GTHS/GBHS Bamenda Collaboration and Hard work

The Principals of Government Technical High School Bamenda and Government Bilingual High School Bamenda have appealed to teachers and parents to collaborate with hierarchy to ease administration and boast academic excellence. Tangye Joseph Ambe, principal of GTHS Bamenda, and Sir Asah Mbenkum Williams of GBHS Mbendankwe spoke to The Vanguard Thursday September 10.

Evaluating the take off of this years academic year, Tangye expressed satisfaction that the start was smooth in his institution as out of 546 students registered this year, 407 answered present on September 7, 2009 giving 74.54 %. Commenting on the turn out of the staff the principal disclosed that 90 were in attendance “all enthusiastic”, giving a percentage of 90%.

Prior to the official re-opening the school held an administrative meeting on September 1 to fine tune all facets of the school before the official take off, he told The Vanguard. The teachers reportedly collected their individual timetables well ahead of time to get set for classes even on September 7 to avert the tradition of always starting effecting teaching days or weeks after resumption.

The driving force behind early scheming of school pedagogic programmes is improving on result and smooth administration. Both principals told The Vanguard. As for GBHS Bamendankwe classes numbered well ahead of time - chalk boards renovated, class rooms labeled and the school yard cleared.

As per the ministerial text, administrative meetings were held well ahead of time to prepare the didactic material, time table, attendance registers, cahier de text amongst others. He estimated the take off in his school at 85 %.

Major challenges of both schools this year is reaffirmation of discipline and improved result in spite of their outstanding performances in the national examinations. To ensure better results at end of 2009/2010, both principals called on parents to provide students with all their academic needs while at the same time calling on teachers to collaborate with the administration as usual to ensure success and better results.

Both schools produced good results at 2008/2009 academic year. Statistically, GTHS Bamenda sent in 1397 students for both BAC and Probatoire. 802 passed giving a percentage of 57.4. This is said to have been the highest number ever registered by the GCE Board since its creation. The Board reportedly hailed the school for remarkable results. Meantwhile GBHS Bamendankwe scored 49% in Probatoire. For BEPC the school registered 156, and 86 passed giving a percentage 55.12%. GCE O/ L -205 registered 153 giving a percentage 74.63%.GCE A/L 122, and 80 passed 76.03%. He expressed wish for discipline, punctuality.

The lone denominational college that received an award from the Regional Delegation of Secondary Education for good performance this year was Baptist High School Mankon. This has been attributed to the astute leadership of the Principal Mr Nyanganji Job, his staff and students.

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