Monday, November 2, 2009

Ntumfor Barister NICO Advises N W Against Tribalising P.M Yang

The North West Fons’ Spokesperson, legal adviser, Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle, who has been mute for some time now, has finally come out of his shell to address some burning issues bordering around his personality, NOWEFU, North West and the government.

In an interview over CRTV Bamenda with journalists of both the private and public media on Thursday October 1, Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle harping on his mother’s death, said the unfortunate incident rather helped to strengthen him because it’s God who gives and takes lives.

He said her late mother; Mama Esther Maforna Halle was like a friend, guidance and spiritual leader to him. “My mother was down to earth, God fearing, hospitable and a unifying factor. I know she is not dead as such. She has simply changed her address”.

He thanked everybody who supported his family during that trying moment and the ground-breaking crowd that was present at the burial. To Ntumfor, the crowd showed the popularity and love people had for him and his family.

On the appointment of Yang Philemon as Prime Minister and Head of Government, Ntumfor stressed that it was fitting because Yang Philemon is a shrewd diplomat, knowledgeable, transparent, humble and a man of integrity. He warned some North Westerners who want to tribalise P.M Yang Philemon. “Let them understand that the Prime Minister is there for all Cameroonians and not for North West people”.

On his relationship with the Fons, Ntumfor emphasized that everything is well with him and the Fons except a few wayward ones who, for selfish reasons, are at cross roads with him because of his indifference to fraud, cheating and mismanagement. He lashed out at those trying to destroy the Union for personal interest by unilaterally suspending him from his functions as the Fons’ messenger, spokesperson, ambassador and legal adviser.

He said his suspension came after he emphasized that the money which was raised for the construction of NOWEFU Secretariat, HIV/AIDS funds should be handled with maximum transparency and security. Ntumfor looked at the communiqué on his suspension as blackmail of his person.

He questioned why the Presidency, the Prime Minister, Ambassador, National Security and others were copied as if he is a criminal. More so the communiqué was singlehandedly signed by Fon Chafah as Magistrate not as the then NOWEFU president. He said his mother questioned whether those were the coins the Fons paid him with after he did so much for them. “She advised me to pray for my enemies and forgive them”. He said.

Clearing the air on why he did not attend the enthronement of the Fon of Bambalang, Fon Fosi Yakum-Ntaw, Ntumfor averred that by then, he was just returning back to Douala after burying his mother. But he said although he was not present there in person, he was there spiritually. He said the late Fon Fosi Yakum-Ntaw was his friend and that it was him (Ntumfor) who reconciled him with Fon Chafah who were at odds with each other over NOWEFU leadership.

On his spiritual life, Ntumfor noted that he was recently elected as the National President of CMF, one of the strongest groups in the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon teeming with Ministers, directors and men from all walks of life. “My elections have made me more humble and more committed. I give thanks to God. And when God uplifts you through men, you should be more humble”.

Assessing the North West administration, Ntumfor said the administration under Governor Abakar Hamat is very peaceful, united and developing in leaps and bounds. He took the opportunity to give kudos to Fru Ndi Edison who has given Bamenda a new face lift by renovating finance complex building which was long abandoned and enjoined other elite to emulate.

About the theft of his vehicle, Ntumfor gave thanks to God, arguing that it was the ransom for his life else it would have been his life to go. Getting inspiration from the Bible, Ntumfor opined that “Naked we came, and naked we shall go”. This was a clarion call to man to desist from greed for wealth as all is vanity.

By Munki Micheal

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