Sunday, November 8, 2009

“NW West Is Not Entirely Opposition”- Fru Ndi Edison

Contrary to popular opinion that northwest is totally anti-Biya, Fru NDI Edison, has dismissed the assertion, arguing that President BIya has more Friends in the North West than others would imagine.

He says Cameroonians should learn to love their country, support the president in his endeavors, to enable him continue with good governance to improve on the lot of the people, as no one can prudently pilot the affairs of this nation other than him. Fru Ndi Edison spoke in his capacity as the president of 'Biya’s Circle of Friends' due official launching in days ahead in Yaoundé.

Fru Ndi, a renowned Bamenda-based business man, is the proprietor of Dreamland Connect and Dreamland Holdings. This is a chain of very successful businesses which include a documentation service, a spacious restaurant and a soon-to-be opened complex snack with a cabaret.

He is also a very upright and competent contractor, the youngest in Bamenda but with the greatest accomplishments; such as the new finance complex, the ongoing Governor’s Office and several other projects completed.

Justifying the formation of Biya Friends Club, Fru Ndi said President Biya’s charismatic leadership has ensured peace and development in Cameroon. “As a business man, I can say confidently that business can only flourish where there is peace; veritable development can only take place where there is peace. It is only when there is peace that people can be productive and constructive,” he said.

Talking to The Vanguard, Friday September 25, 2009, Fru Ndi regretted that the North West Region has for decades been stigmatized as an opposition stronghold which is not true. He said he does not belong to the CPDM and must not be partisan to support President Biya or his policy.

Contrary to what detractors claim, Fru Ndi said the Northwest has gained more from the Biya’s Government than other regions. This necessitates encouragement, reason why President Biya’s Friends Club is rallying as many friends as possible to support him. Talking about Cameroon as a whole, Fru Ndi said President Biya has ensured peace and economic growth. “We are not feeling the economic down turn of the world like other countries; the crisis is a mere phenomena in Cameroon, thanks to his managerial skills.”

It is generally believed that many people who support Biya or the CPDM want to evade taxes. “Inversely I am one of the highest tax payers of the region. I pay above 500 million FCFA a year as taxes to the state. I am a patriot, and strongly believe that any responsible and patriotic citizen of any nation should earnestly pay his taxes to enable Government function. Supporting President Biya does not mean I have anything to hide. I believe in developing our Nation and my region. More so we can only develop if we all put hands on deck to assist whoever is in power to enable him move ahead”.

Fru Ndi also said he believed in investing in the youths as they are the future leaders. His love and commitment to the social well-being of the youths, has over the years been manifested through scholarship grants to some underprivileged children of the region.

Fru Ndi also extended an olive branch to his village in the sphere of health by providing modern bore hole well to the community, to check persistent water borne diseases orchestrated dirty water. He lamented that many have suffered and died of water borne diseases in his native Bangolan Village of Ngoketunjia division.

Quizzed on the secret of his success, he ascribed his accomplishment to hard work, determination and the ability to surmount problems that come his way. Fru Ndi assisted in refurbishing his alma mater, the CBC School Bangolan.
Unlike some colleagues of the teaching profession who are in Diaspora yet earn salaries in Cameroon, Edison never plays games.

He asked for the suspension of his salary when he went fully into business.
“If you are not serving the state, you should not earn a salary. That tantamouns to corruption”

Fru Ndi condemned the idea of living abroad and earning a salary in Cameroon. His model is Abraham Lincoln a great patriot. Edison is the greatest advocate for a free trade zone for the North West region, “Owing to our Region’s geographic proximity to Nigeria” He argued that Northwest can grow rapidly if the Free Trade Zone becomes a reality. Edison believes that if the free trade zone comes, business will flourish and the necessity for tarring the Ring Road will arise.

In spite of the business acumen he possesses, his humility, compassion and generosity apparently contributed to his success in business and contracts. He doesn’t sublet them either as some contractors do. Apart from doing an excellent job, he always accomplishes it in record time. His preoccupation is to develop his Region and his country. For this reason, he never abandons a contract. His exceptional honesty earned for him the confidence of MTN.

The mobile communication network has not only entrusted him with the North West. His jurisdiction extends right down to Nkongsamba. Edison is a very selfless man who would not hesitate to make others succeed. This explains why many enterprising youths in Bamenda are his former apprentices.

Above all, he is very brilliant and versed with practically every issue as manifested in his conversation. His responses are short, precise and to the point. This skill of a great conversationist is not only the product of good upbringing but also a sound education.

He attended CBC Bangolan, Government High School Limbe and ENS Bambili. He later went for further studies in Canada. He is married with children and several dependents.

One of the greatest admirers of Edison Fru Ndi is Ubango Helly. Ubango is the proprietor of UB Relax Company Ltd. YCPDM President for Ngie and CPDM “Honorable Attempted”. He is the Secretary General of President Biya’s circle of friends. His aim of joining PAPB, he told Vanguard is to give a booster to the CPDM party for the interest of the Head of state. He denied doing so to evade taxes saying he is a regular tax payer as a transport company.

Ubango dismissed the notion that the North West is marginalized. He said NW is very advanced compared to other regions of the Republic. Quizzed if he is still interested in going to parliament, Ubango said the Parliament is a priority for now.
Talking on the President Biya’s circle of friends, he said membership is open to all Cameroonians of integrity. He expressed the wish to see President Biya win in 2011 Presidential Polls.

As a business man, he said the secret of success is determination. The Biya friend’s club, he explained is predominantly Anglophones because it was conceived by Anglophones although it is has some francophones. He encourages fellow Northwesters to rally behind President Biya.

Other executive members of the Club are: Mr Fombon Richard Tita Mayor of Tiko Council (Finance Secretary) Dr. Nkwenti Ignatius Ndefru , Wanlo Chiamua Wanlo Mayor of Fonfuka (Technical Adviser), Alhaji Baba Dapullo, ELh Diahero, Madam Tamfu Patience etc. The club has as motto Smile, Hope, Development.

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