Monday, November 2, 2009

PM Yang Humiliates Northwest CPDM MPs

The Prime Minster and Head of Government of Cameroon, H.E. Philemon Yang, is recently reported to have disgraced a band of NW CPDM Members of Parliament who accosted him with a long list of candidates for the entrance into ENS Annex Bambili.

According to our source, the hopes of the said MPs were frustrated when the PM in his soft-spoken voice ask the MPs if it would be fair for him to be fighting corruption and at same time encouraging it in another way? He allegedly considered it a hideous offense which would not please his majesty.

The MPs reportedly bent their tails like “ngong” dogs and left quietly. Although some made fun of the whole situation others lamented that a wrong person has been placed at the helm of the government, owing to the fact that he may not serve the Anglophones and North-Westerners’ interest as was the case with other PM’s and ministers.

“Prime Minister Philemon Yang’s concern with tribalism, nepotism, favoritism and all forms of corruption may bring glory to Cameroon if the almighty Biya allows him to pilot affairs of the nation as is supposed to be,” commented our source. Even with this seemingly complimentary statement, the source was disappointed with the PM’s unnecessary rigidness which, according to him, will not change any thing as most of his collaborators are corrupt deep down the marrow of their bones. He should not think he will be the one to change Cameroon, some pundits who know him for rigid shrewd administration have argued.

If Yang’s administrative uprightness could be emulated by other statesmen, inertia amongst other ills of the system would be checked. Unfortunately his system, though good, is like putting new wine in old calabashes. This will not help Anglophones who have been reduced to underdogs for decades. Yang should rather use his position either by hook or crook to raise more Anglophones to sensitive positions to synchronize and reinforce might of Anglophones in Cameroon, other pundits have argued. Some of the MPs have also expressed disappointment that PM Yang with his western style of life, will not be able go the Cameroonian way to improve on the lot of Anglophones.

By Nyassah Julius, Yaounde Desk

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