Sunday, November 8, 2009

SCNC Defy administrative orders – Hoisted Flag Nkambe

Despite administrative orders banning the commemoration of October 1 in Cameroon as the Independence Day of the Southern Cameroons, SCNC diehards in Nkambe in Donga Mantung Division reportedly hoisted their flag. Prior to the day, the Senior Divisional officer for Donga Mantung Mbiwan Nchaffu issued an administrative injunction banning gatherings or festivities marking October 1.

Unfortunately for him some members of the liberation movement reportedly hoisted two Southern Cameroons flags in Mbot, Nkambe Central Sub-Division. According to our source one of the flags was hoisted at the junction to Tabenken village and another at the junction to Wat, facing the Mbot Palace.

Some few inhabitants who talked to The Vanguard claimed they did not see anybody or group of persons hoisting the flags but that they got up that morning and saw it. Some of them said they saw it and did not bother to know what it meant. Another said, he took it for a lady’s scarf that might have been picked and hung there. It was then clear that the two flags were hoisted in the night breaking October 1. It is told that these flags did not survive the whole day as they were pulled-off later on in the day, surely by security agents.

It is alleged that three of the SCNC flags were hoisted in Nwa, Nwa Sub-Division.
On why they must continue with such a failed venture already, the Donga-Mantung county Chairman based in Nkambe who spoke on condition of anonymity said the reasons were many. He said he did not see “why the Government of La Republique is holding tight the state of Southern Cameroons”.

He echoed that when the Biya Regime changed the historic United Republic of Cameroon to the Republic of Cameroon in 1984, the separation was consummated. He said the Biya’s government had completely abandoned them to themselves. He related that as one of the oldest Division of Cameroon, Donga-Mantung was still hosting most of the services in rented houses. He said the road from Bamenda to Nkambe was an abuse. He mentioned that close to 30 years in power, President Paul Biya had never bothered to visit even the main towns of the North West, and it was a clear indication that they were not part of La République du Cameroun.

The county chairman said it was erroneous and fallacious to say that the SCNC venture had failed. Nevertheless, most people in the area still expressed a lot of skepticism about the struggle owing to the fact that only a group of negligible individuals are those spearheading the struggle. Others argue that SCNC is a group of disgruntled and frustrated individuals bent on jeopardizing the prevailing peace in Cameroon.

The SDO, Mbiwan Nchaffu in several occasions had warned and advised the inhabitants to bury the idea of SCNC and forge ahead with the development of the area. Mr. Mbiwan Nchaffu’s crusade on peace seems to have won many hearts in the area because beside a negligible number of surviving SCNC activists, the SCNC activities in the area had gone to the doldrums.

By Wamey Panky

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