Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Boyo MINPLADAT Delegate Loses Position At last

Boyo MINPLADAT Divisional will go back to classroom. This decision contradicts a Ministerial decision ordering Northwest Governor to undo the sealed Boyo MINPLADAT office and reinstate him to his position.

The Vanguard gathered that after the NW Governor in collaboration with the Fundong SDO sealed the doors of the MINPLADAT office in Fundong, Mr Ngi reported to his minister who immediately filed an order for the door to be unsealed. Feeling victorious Mr Ngi leaked a copied of these orders to a local tabloid. This is suspected to be the final blow that that caused Mr Ngi's removal from office.

Mr Ngi had got into problems with the Boyo Senior Divisional Officer over the award of a CFA fifty million contract for the construction of the MINPLADAT office in Boyo Division. The then Divisional Delegate had maintained that the ward of the contract was irregular. It is even alleged he sued the SDO to court. All pleas for him to withdraw the case fell on deaf ears.

The publication carrying a confidential letter from his ministry has reportedly reversed the ministerial decision. Although it was clearly stated in the tabloid that the source was the governor's office other security sources have argued that it was just a twist owing that the governor's reception sign is not in the copy published.

If the delegate Ngie has not been copied, it means he might have procured a copy from an intimate source of his at the ministry. In this regard, more heads will roll our source hinted. The decision to write requesting the governor to re-instate him was already an indication that the ministry was in his favour, but the publication has reportedly twisted the whole decision as the minister delegate is now perplexed. He can not can not minimize or humiliate both the governor and SDO his collaborators. It is however not clear if the source of the confidential request is Ngie himself as the source insinuated. A special team from the Ministry is reported to have been sent to Boyo for a fact-finding mission The Vanguard further gathered.

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