Friday, December 4, 2009

Cameroon Joins China in celebrating 60th anniversary

An artistic troupe from the Chinese Ministry of Culture has ended a one week visit to Cameroon. Invited by the Cameroon’s Ministry of Culture, the troupe was in Cameroon to celebrate the 60 th anniversary of The People’s Republic of China as part of the cultural friendship ties that exist between both countries.

Accompanied by the national ballet of Cameroon, the troupe thrilled some over 5.000 spectators who turned out to watch them display at the Yaoundé Conference Centre last Sunday September 20, 2009.

The Chinese troupe of 30 young girls of ages 18-20 performed acrobatic display, Chinese dances and the kung Fu that made the members of government and diplomats present to remember the old day Chinese films Like Jacky Chen, the Shaolin in the Chinese temple etc. Spectators clapped at every moment they displayed.

The invitation of the Chinese artistic troupe, cultural analysts say, will reinforce the cultural ties between Cameroon and China. The artistic troupe left Yaoundé for Douala where a similar exercise took place at the Douala-Bercy on Tuesday the September 22, 2009. From Cameroon, the troupe will perform in Nigeria and Benin in what has been termed the 2009 China Cultural focus.

By Ndi Eugene

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