Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fon Doh Drags The Post Newspaper To Court

Fon Doh of Balikumbat has dragged The Post Newspaper to court for defamation, reports say. The matter has been slated for November 23, 2009 a source has hinted The Vanguard. The civil suit comes as a result of an article published by the Post Newspapers indicating that the Fon was thrashed by some of those who were sentenced alongside Fon Doh for killing the Balikumbat SDF Electoral District Chairman, late John Kohtem.

The prisoners who reportedly got the liberty to visit their homes in Balikumbat, reports say, rough-handled the Fon for enjoying his liberty while they toil in prison for a crime they collectively committed. More especially according to the article, Fon Doh was the main architect of the murder as apart from defending his integrity and that of the CPDM party, he also contributed in murdering the SDF district chair.

The disgruntled inmates reportedly called on the judicial authorities to bring back Fon Doh to Prison. The Mayor of Balikumbat CPDM-run council The Vanguard contacted Sunday October 24 refuted that he was not aware of the incident, adding that he was not in town. Another elite Mbah Samuel Central Committee delegate at the joint section meeting that held in Balikumbat on Sunday October also claimed ignorance of the Saga.

By our main desk, Chifu Edward

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