Friday, December 4, 2009

Merging electoral districts stirs trouble in SDF

Following the poor performance of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) Party in the July 22, 2007 polls in some of her strongholds, the party has decided to take some measures to avert any such mishaps in future. One of the measures is the fusion of some of the mushroom Electoral Districts. This measure has been taken against a backdrop of suspicion of power mongering among some of the leaders, considered as one of the causes of the poor performances, a party insider hinted The Vanguard.

According to our source, on the eve of the twin elections Douala V Council had three Electoral Districts. All the three heads of the Electoral Districts were vying for the position of the Mayor. The result was a big advantage to Mme Foning Francoise of the CPDM. She finally carried the day. Other Electoral Districts that are in the line of mergence include the Chop Matthias-led Bamukumbit and Bafanji to be to be merged with Balkumbat, Baligangsi and Baligashu.

The revelation for these others was made in Balikumbat on September 26, 2009. Dr Lecigah Pius was re-elected District Chairman of the Balikumbat Electoral District where he beat his contestant, Mr Chop Matthias, from Bamukumbit by 281 to 35 votes during the reorganization of the Electoral District Executive.

This decision has, however, not gone down well the throats of some of the party militants with vaulting ambitions. Some pundits have even suggested that this is going to create chaos in the party. Dr Ngepa, among others, argued that the decision was going to affect the party negatively.

Reports say, prior to the September 26, 2009 re-organization exercise militants of the party had met in Ndop where they all agreed on the merger. Surprisingly when they were asked to merge before the District Bureau elections on that Sunday tempers flared seriously, casting doubts on the “entente cordiale” brokered in Ndop. Some considered it to have been a ploy to cause Dr Lecigah Pius to provide more cash for the reorganization exercise.

The Vanguard learned that Dr Lecigah Pius was the sole sponsor of the reorganization exercise. He provided the vehicle that transported militants to the Bamukumbit Squares. Chop Matthias, head of the then Ndop West, made up of Bamukumbit and Bafanji, who had lost against Dr Lecigah, cried foul. He and his supporters claimed that the elections had been rigged. Observers were unanimous that Chop Matthias was a lightweight compared to Dr Lecigah. Besides, Dr Lecigah had 19 Councillors as against 12 for Chop Matthias. Chop could therefore, by no means, win.

In spite the agitation from the vanquished and his followers, party supervised by of Hon. Tsemeloh Deffo Oumbe Sangoneg and the coordinator of the party in Ngohketunjia, Saachong R. Taminang –former SDF Mayor for Ndop Council.

By our head quarters desk, Chifu Edward

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