Friday, December 4, 2009

Moki Edwin Kindzeka elected president of CAMASEJ Yaounde.

The Yaounde chapter of the Cameroon Association of English Speaking Journalists, CAMASEJ, has elected a new executive with Moki Edwin Kindzeka as president.

Though in absentia, the CRTV television news anchor man and radio broadcast editor at the radio had a hundred percent victory from colleagues at the elections that took place at Green Wood hotel in Yaoundé.

Moki Edwin takes over from Clovis Atatah who has been acting president of CAMASEJ Yaounde since its creation last 23 rd May 2006.

Speaking earlier before the start of the elections, the out gone president Clovis Atatah pledged his total support to who ever was to be elected. He thanked the out going executive for their brilliant services to CAMASEJ Yaounde and challenged the new executive to continue in the spirit.

The expected Ngah Christian who many thought will be elected PRO by acclamation turned down nominations. Ngah Christian who is Publisher Editor of The Guardian Post newspaper is also PRO of NEPAC as well as a business man. Hence with these and others he said his hands were full for him to take up another post in CAMASEJ but pledged full support to the team.

The out gone president, Clovis Atatah will be remembered for many things amongst which are; as the one who initiated the house party and the CAMASEJ Njangi, the one who led a powerful delegation to Buea during the National elective general assembly of CAMASEJ, the one who CAMASEJ won two volley ball tournaments under his reign etc.

Moki Edwin and his team are therefore expected amongst others to foster the relationships that exist between CAMASEJ Yaounde and the Goethe Institute, the British High Commission and the US embassy, organise capacity building workshops for members of CAMASEJ Yaounde etc.

Moki’s dynamism and popularity many have said will certainly see him through. Moki had already showed colleagues that there is no distinction between the private and public media when on two separate occasions he has refused to cover evnts when his colleagues of the private media were barred. This is another red feather to his cap, reason why he was unanimously voted and colleagues are confident he will make it.

Other members of the executive who were also elected included the Vice President- Ngamo Beatrice, Secretary General-Amungwa Nicodemus Tanyi, Vice Secretary General- Juliette Mbela, Treasurer- Mfomi Sonde, Financial Secretary-Elias Ntungwe Ngalame, Public Relations Officer-Emmanuel Tumanjong, and Social Secretary-Nelson Tawe.

By our news desk, NDI Eugene NDI

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