Friday, December 4, 2009

Ndop Mayor Embarks on Meaningful Development.

Dr. Ntoh Daniel, Mayor of Ndop Council has embarked on a wide range of projects to improve the wellbeing of his municipality. In a briefing with The Vanguard, the young, dynamic, Mayor said he had already completed some of these projects, while others are still in the pipeline.

As a genuine intellectual, Mayor Ntoh has given education pride of place. To study conveniently children need shelter. This explains why he has decided to provide corrugated iron sheets to schools with dilapidated roofs. Benches have also been donated to needy schools.

To identify these schools he started by touring the whole of his municipality. Schools that have benefited from this development initiative include G.S Belo in Bamessing to which he donated bundles of corrugated iron sheets and 30 benches.
The same gesture was made to schools in Bambalang. 30 benches and 3 bundles of corrugated iron sheets were also given to the Bamli Schools. Within three months of his investiture, Dr. Ntoh not only assists Bamunka Schools with benches and corrugated iron sheets.

He also asserted a number of women’s engaged in agriculture. Widows, in particular, received farm tools. 15 bags of cement were given farming groups to facilitate irrigation. Interquarter roads and bridges have been constructed in Bamunka.

Another significant achievement he mentioned is the Ndop Community radio which is now serving the Ndop Community so well. He said he had also applied for and constructed a new park which is soon to be launched. The park which is 4800 square meters is the largest in the North West. Leaking roofs in the Ndop Central Market are now in good state thanks to renovation work on it.

Major bridges linking the hospital and the town have been reconstructed at the cost of 2 million FCFA. New roads, he disclosed, will be constructed in the dry season. On going projects, he said; include four toilets and two administrative blocks with assistance from FEICOM.

Mayor Ntoh said the major problem the council is facing is finance. Ndop council he said is not an isolated case: “Most peripheral councils like mine cannot pay council workers with funds collected locally”.

He regretted that it is difficult to manage some councils. He was optimistic that the new council parks and others will help raise revenue. He urged all and sundry to assist the council in conceiving projects that would assist the council to develop. To achieve this goal, Mayor Ntoh intends to convene a meeting to brainstorm on the development of the council. He was highly appreciative of the development zeal of his electorate.

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