Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ngoketungia Elite Regret Electoral Choices

The population of Ngoketunjia North is regretting the errors they made during the 2007 Municipal and Legislative elections. These regrets arise from the abandonment of some major development projects which the population enjoyed before the political twist that catapulted CPDM both to Parliament and the Council.

The Vanguard overheard some elite lamenting the mistake made by the population during an Executive meeting of Ngoketunjia Development and Cultural Association that held in Baba Village on Saturday October 24, 2009. Some of them complained that both the Member of Parliament Hon Njingum Musa and the Mayor Ntoh Daniel have not failed to meet up with their campaign promises. They have failed to develop the municipality.

To buttress their accusations they said to the Baba I palace was graded every year during the reign of Hon Yoyo Emmanuel. Also the stretch of road from Ndop town via GS Kwebissi to Baba was constantly rehabilitated by Hon Yoyo. Unfortunately since the overlordship of the CPDM both in council and in parliament, all these roads amongst other projects have been abandoned.

The Vanguard gathered that the CPDM politicians had deceived the population that Hon Yoyo was receiving CFA 20 millions from the state for the rehabilitation of the roads. Those who made such declarations are now expected to also use the 20 millions to rehabilitate the roads. If not it means they have embezzled 60 millions for the past three years. And if the money is not there for them to execute the projects, it means they (CPDM) militants are political liars. Some argued. The Ndop - Babessi road currently under construction was earmarked far back in 2005. Unfortunately the CPDM barons are making political gains.

In a similar development in Bali sub Division, CPDM aspirants condemned use of local labour to rehabilitate inter-quarter and municipal roads, lambasting the SDF mayor Nyamsikwen Christopher for enslaving the population. The population was told that government was going to provide the population with road construction machines to grade the roads.

The CPDM won the council. Road maintenance committee amongst other committees were formed. Interestingly, when they (CPDM) took over management of the council, they discovered that the budgetary heads for road construction was too small for them to hire heavy equipment for rehabilitation of roads. The state could not provide them with the equipment for rehabilitation of the some municipal roads as they promised the population. The road committee became hopeless. The situation might have changed.

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