Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Nkambe Deputy Mayor Backpedals

Says Errors were committed and boycotts have retarded Development The First Deputy Mayor of Nkambe Municipal Council Fon Benchep of Binka Village abandoned his seat for close to two years. He has returned to his position. The Fon said he boycotted the council because the incumbent, Mayor Mangoh Jones Tanko, was not the SDF Investiture Committee's choice. He recently returned explaining that fundamental errors were made from the genesis of the row. He spoke to The Vanguard Thursday October 15 in Bamenda in an exclusive interview.

The first error, the Fon said, was that they all accepted to stand elections with the incumbent Mayor Mangoh. He had been rejected by the Investiture Committee. Mbeh Wilfred was the choice of this Committee. “I strongly defended the list sent in by the Investiture Committee. But I soon realised it was erroneous for Mbeh Wilfred to stand election with Mangoh.” Mangoh bashed him by an overwhelming victory. Following the confusion that set in because of the list filed in by the Investiture Committee of the SDF party, the then SDO for Donga Mantung Mboke Godlive Ntua reportedly ordered them to go by elections. It was then that Mbeh overestimated his political might and stood elections with Mangoh. He was crushed and had to accept the verdict of the ballot box. Fon Benchep contested with one Madam Bari and won to become the First Deputy.

“Shortly after the election, were told not to take up our seats in the council”, he lamented. “The flaw here”, he said, “was the fact that no official note from the party's Chairman or the hierarchy of the party ordering them to boycott the council was issued.” This he said was another error. “We were perplexed, groping in the dark. I stayed in darkness for two long years. When I realized that nothing good was coming from the Investiture Committee, the party's hierarchy or the Ministry of Territorial administration and Decentralization I decided to go back to the council with hopes of revamping the party whose integrity has bee soiled in the municipality by the political mayhem amongst militants”. Besides that the disarray has retarded the development of the area.

Asked whether he had now joined the Mangoh's camp, the deputy refuted. “We were elected as SDF deputies and nobody officially ordered us to boycott the council. Apart from that, it is Mangoh who is not recognized as Mayor by the party. I was voted as SDF 1St Deputy . There is no reason why I should stay aloof. I should be there (in the council) seeing and mastering the intrigues of the house so if it happens that the Ministry decides to remove Mangoh I should be able replace him”. He urged other runaway councilors to return to their places in the council. He advised them not to heed baseless advice. And not to adhere to basely instructions as: “We all came into party and was elected individually not collectively”. He argued that they have not carried out any meaningful development.

The deputy mayor argued that as a politician the party needs but quantity not quality owing to the fact that politics is a game of numbers. In conclusion, he exhorted the social actors of the municipality to correct themselves to pave the way for Development of the area.

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