Wednesday, December 16, 2009

NW Follow-Up Committee Condemn Award of Contracts from Yaoundé

Northwest Follow-Up committee has condemned the award of contracts for the execution of projects in the Northwest from Yaounde. This condemnation was made Tuesday October 26, 2009 during a meeting held under the auspices of its Vice President Madam Regina Mundi to take stock of the level of execution of public Investment Projects in the region.

Stakeholders observed that projects awarded by the central administration are most often either poorly executed or not executed at all. For the poorly executed ones such contractors most often ignore the regional control engineers as they owe allegiance to those who awarded them the contracts at a higher level. Beside most of such projects do not meet up with stipulated deadlines.

Apart from that credit allocated for those not awarded some times return to the various ministries at the expense of the region. They revealed that some HIPC projects are still largely unknown to the regional Technical services, all because they are managed by the central administration.

Apart from the bottlenecks amongst other impediments, the system is causing untold havoc on the economy of the region. The stakeholders called on the members of parliament of the region to deplore the system both in parliament and also to the concerned Ministers.

In spite of the commendable efforts made by some divisional delegates to execute most of their contracts the meeting disclosed that some of the speed-brakes were orchestrated by some authorizing officers. These officers delay in the process of drawing up tender documents for the projects. Donga Mantung Division was ranked first with a fiscal realization of 95.8% and financial rate of execution of 75.7%.

Another major problem identified was late arrival of credit cards for some projects from the central administration. That notwithstanding, the prolonged heavy rains and bad roads is said to have slowed down execution of some projects especially road construction, bridges, culverts construction amongst. At press time updates of the total rate of both fiscal and financial realization was yet to be available to this media organ.

As per September 30, 2009 summary, Northwest had a Total of 736 projects for Region and divisions estimated to cost 7.442.849.928. 599 projects estimated CFA 4.362.500.898 were reportedly completed. 117 were ongoing and 20 not executed giving a total fiscal rate of execution of 83.5% and Financial Rate of Realization of 60%. As per the report, 41 contracts estimated at 3.978.403.547 were to be awarded from the central administration. From this number only 11 have been completely executed, 6 ongoing and 24 not executed giving a Physical rate of execution of 25% and Zero Financial rate.

Speaking at the beginning of the meeting the regional Vice President, Madam Mundi, reminded members of their role of that of Watch Dogs for the Financial and fiscal realization of Public investment Projects. These projects were intended to improve on the living standards of the population of the region.

She exhorted members to be forward-looking and make constructive recommendations on problems raised. She represented the National President, Hon Awudu Cyprian Mbaya, held back by other duties at the National Assembly. She also called on government officials involved in project implementation to facilitate project realization.

By our main desk, Chifu Edward

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