Saturday, December 26, 2009

PM Yang Suspends Purchase of Administrative Vehicles

The Prime Minister Head of government Philemon Yang has suspended purchase of administrative vehicles in the 2010 budget The Vanguard has gathered. The aim of the decision is to streamline government spending and check the extravagance inherent in such projects.

The decision has irked those who have been making brisk business with stakeholders in this sphere. Patriotic citizens have hailed the idea arguing that Cameroon government wastes so much money on purchase of flashy administrative vehicles that do not benefit the economy.

The Yang decision should not be like that of Ex-transport Minister John B. Ndeh who suspended Siyam Siewe's signature when he was boss of Ports Authority but was countered by the Presidency. John B Ndeh discovered that he had embezzled state funds. Unfortunately for him the presidency ordered him to wave Ndeh's order. The big guns described J B Ndeh as a small boy who had entered the tunnel with his eyes open. Where is Siyam Siewe today? Had Biya's corrupt collaborators allowed J B Ndeh the free hand to manage the Transport Ministry, Siyam Siewe's story might have been different today.

By our news desk

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